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— Visa Interview Experience as a Bachelor Applicant —

Date & Time: 15.07.2018 at 09:30AM
Intended Degree: B.Sc. in Communication and Information Engineering
University: Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

Counter number 4.

The VO was a young man, looked sulky at the beginning but he turned out to be very friendly.

VO: Called by my name. Returned the original set of documents and the passport. Asked for 7200 taka.
ME: Gave.
VO: How many semesters and credits?
ME: 7 semester and 210 credits.
VO: So you are a bachelor applicant?
ME: Yes sir.
VO: Is your course in German or in English? (As the letter of admission was in German)
ME: This course is taught entirely in English.
VO: Do you have any German language certificate?
ME: No sir.
VO: Why do you want to study in Germany?
ME: Germany is … 2-3 points that I prepared before the interview.
VO: Tell me about the city you are going to.
ME: Told.
VO: Why did you choose this university?
ME: Told.
VO: Tell me your HSC and SSC passing year with GPA.
ME: Told.
VO: How many credits have you completed in the university here?
ME: 40 credits.
VO: Tell me about your entire plan after completing bachelor. Everything.
Me: Told that I want to pursue my MSc afterwards if possible, and described my career plan.
VO: Who is going to finance you?
ME: My father. He is a retired businessman.
VO: Retired and businessman? How do they go along? And how will he finance you?
ME: He is sick and has retired from his business. He has made savings from his business and has several rental income sources.
VO: How many brothers or sisters do you have?
ME: One brother. No sister.
VO: Okay. You have a good IELTS score. You seem to have a great desire to study abroad.
ME: Thank you sir. (I was totally flattered and didn’t expect that from my profile)
VO: Put 4 fingers of your right hand and then 4 fingers of your left hand and at last 2 thumbs at the same time on the scanner.
ME: Did.
VO: Okay. You have already paid right? Here is your receipt.
Me: Okay sir.
VO: And that’s all.
ME: Thank you!
VO: You’re welcome.

The interview lasted for maybe 10-15 minutes (I was totally into the interview for a while and lost the sense of time).

আমি এবার h.s.c. পাশ করেছি আমার কি করা উচিত?

Say no to Bachelor in Germany-rather come for Master (ব্যাচেলর নাকি মাস্টার?)

ল্যাংগুয়েজ ভিসা এবং ব্যাচেলর স্বপ্ন বনাম বাস্তবতা

ব্যাচেলর স্টাডি – Application steps and reality

ব্যাচেলর স্টাডি


ব্যাচেলর্স – দেশে করব নাকি বিদেশে? আমাদের অভিজ্ঞতা কী বলে?


ব্যাচেলর এবং আমার অভিজ্ঞতা

He was typing on his computer most of the time by checking the documents himself.

I was quite surprised because no question was asked about my course, accommodation or intended date of travelling (noted down the insurance date though).

No questions about the course modules and previous study. Not even the name of my desired course. 

That leaves me in a dilemma but let’s hope for the best. May the Almighty Allah be with me!


1. Don’t exaggerate your answers. VOs don’t like it.

2. (Very important) Have good control to whatever you say.

If you introduce a new or technical word in your answer, be prepared the VO will ask you to explain what that is.

So make your answer wisely and include terms that you know.

(The brother who went for the interview just before me once pronounced ‘Nanotechnology’ which put him into back to back questions about it)


After 39 stressful days, got the visa Alhamdulillah. 🙂

I am thankful to all the beloved brothers and sisters of this group for the courage and support.

The waiting period felt more unendurable after knowing that people are getting visas in as low as 3 days.

But it should not be the case for everyone. At least it was not for me.

Intended Degree: B.Sc. in Communication and Information Engineering
University: Rhine-Waal University of Applied Sciences

Date of Interview: 15.07.2018
Email from Embassy: 21.08.2018
Visa Collection: 23.08.2018

SSC: 5.00 (2014)
HSC: 4.58 (2016)
University: 40 credits in CSE major (2017)

Bachelor Study in Germany-বাংলাদেশ থেকে জার্মানিতে ব্যাচেলর করতে আসবেন কিভাবে?


By টিম জার্মান প্রবাসে

আমি জার্মান প্রবাসে! আপনাদের সাথে ছিলাম, আছি, থাকব! :)

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  1. Brother,
    I have completed 2years of bachelor’s here in Bangladesh. Around 42 credit. Now I want to apply for bachelor’s in Germany first of does They check CGPA of my current result if so what’s the minimum CGPA to apply and again do I need student coleg if I want to study in English .

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