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”জার্মানিতে আসতে কত টাকা লাগে?
”How much does it cost to study in Germany from BD?

প্রথমেই বলে নেই, সব ধরনের দালাল বা এজেন্সি থেকে দূরে থাকুন। নিরাপদে থাকুন।

[Cost Without Scholarship] [Approximately]

1. Application fee: Free of cost or 68 Euro[if u need to use uni-assist or others.]

2. Blocked Account for VISA: 10,236 Euro. Check here for updated info. [You have to transfer this amount to Germany to get the initial 3 months VISA.]

3. Airfare: 600 Euro to 750 Euro

4. Hand Cash: Around 1000 Euro

So total cost is around 12,000 Euro or প্রায় বার লাখ টাকা।

[NB: One can earn 450 Euro per month without paying any tax. You can work as an assistant in University, Research Institute to different off campus part time job. Per hour pay varies from 7.5 Euro to 12 Euro.]

►Question: Without tuition fees what is the overall living cost in Germany: Including food, accommodation, telephone etc.

►Ans.: Monthly expenses:

Rent (incl. additional charges) 170,- or 450,- Euro

Food 50,- or 160,- Euro

Clothing 10,- or 51,- Euro

Transport (car/public transport) Nil or 81,- Euro

Health insurance 79,- or 59,- Euro

Telephone/internet/radio & TV licence 20,- or 35,- Euro

Work/study materials 10,- or 33,- Euro

Leisure activities 10,- or 63,- Euro

Total 349,- or 932,- Euro

So, students can live spending 350 Euro to 500 Euro as well.

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► ফেসবুকে বসে সহজেই জার্মান শিখতে চাইলে, গ্রুপ: এখানে দেখুন।
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