Opening a block a/c is an important and first step just after getting offer letter from an university. Many of us, find it confusing. The bank provides a pdf where all the required steps and papers necessary to be submitted, is mentioned.

The steps include:

1. Please complete the application form “Opening of a bank account/blocked account for
foreign students”
Important notes: Please fill the form in on a PC. The next few pages contain guidance notes to help
you complete the form.

2. Please print two copies of the completed application form (one copy is for your records)

3. Please make an appointment at the German embassy/consulate1. Please attend the appointment
in person and have all your documents certified.

You must take the following documents with you and have them certified by the embassy:
■ Completed application form
■ Valid passport
■ A copy of the course admission letter from your university/language school
■ A prepaid envelope (from a private service provider such as FedEx, DHL or UPS)

4. The completed, certified and signed application form must be sent to the following address
by a German embassy/consulate:
Deutsche Bank
Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG
Alter Wall 53
20457 Hamburg

In addition to the application form, please send:
■ Certified copies of your passport
■ A copy of the admission letter from your university/language school
■ Evidence of the source of your funds (e. g. bank statements)

5. After the account has been opened:
transfer the minimum balance and service fee to your new account at Deutsche Bank
Important notes: We will send your IBAN and BIC to your e-mail address or your registered postal
address (whichever you selected in your account application) once the account has successfully
been opened.

Please allow for any fees charged by your usual bank and transfer charges.
Please note that we are unable to accept cheque payments.
As soon as we have received the money, we will automatically inform you by e-mail or letter,
depending on how you opted to receive information about the opening of your account.

6. Following your arrival in Germany, please visit a branch of Deutsche Bank
and fill in a service order (application to activate the blocked account for foreign students)
Take the following document with you to the branch:
■ Valid passport
Important note:
You cannot use your account without the service order.
If you are not granted a visa to enter Germany, we need the following documents to transfer the
balance back to you:
■ Lifting of the block by the beneficiary of the blocked account or original letter stating that your
visa application was unsuccessful
■ Signed application to close the account (must be completed in full and signed)
Please send these original documents (an e-mail or fax is not acceptable) to the following address:
Deutsche Bank
Privat- und Geschäftskunden AG
Alter Wall 53
20457 Hamburg

point to be noted:
2 printed copy of filled up block account form
photocopy of passport(1 copy)
1 copy of offer letter
fedex envelope
*all the copy should black and white
*all the copy should be black and white
note: don’t give signature in the form
it should be given in front of embassy personnel

Well, many of us, ask that what does supporting document means?
Anything which support your financial status mostly account statement of three months. As fixed deposit is also a bank statement it should work. Besides parents close relatives can also support a student. If you are in hurry try to have atleast 2 months of statement, fixed deposit in your name. If they look for deposit information sheet it means the account details, your relationship evidence etc. The sponsor can write an official notary sponsorship and take a lawyer’s statement in it. Similar sponsorship could be seen in USA, Canada embassy.

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By Yousuf Dinar

পড়ছি Technische Universität München - TUM এ। থাকি মিউনিখ, জার্মানিতে।

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  1. Bhaia, Deutsche Bank a AC khulte j statement ti submit korbo, sheta jodi amar parent er dei, tao ki sathe ”Depositors Information Sheet’ dite hobe? R bank statement a ki 8640 Euro shomo-poriman balance dekhate hobe AC open korar jonne? Kindy janaben. Thank you in advance.

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