Alhamdulillah!!! I have faced visa interview today at 8.30 am.It was nothing more than a formality to me.First the security officer (Female) asked me to arranage my documents according to the list given on the table. She give me two pages where i needs to put date, my passport number and put my signature.Those who are worried about accommodation and IELTS they should relief now. No documents regarding accommodation is required. Even the VO does not ask any question about IELTS, German language and accommodation.The listing of documents are as follows-

1. Visa application form

2. Offer letter from University

3. German Language certificate (If any)

4. Blocked account document

5. Health Insurance

6. Academic certificate and transcript of SSC

7. Academic certificate and Transcript of HSC

8. Academic certificate and transcript of Bachelor.

9. Academic certificate and transcript of MS

10. IELTS Certificate11. Passport12. Photo 3 copies

I made 2 copies of all documents with original documents.Admit card and registration card of SSC and HSC is not required.

After making 2 files separately i give my documents with original documents and passport to the lady security and she told me to wait for my calling.Few minutes later my name called by VO from counter number 3.Here is the conversation….

1. VO : Good Morning

Me: Good Morning Sir

The VO asked me to give my finger print, 3 times may be.

2. VO : What are doing now?

Me : Currently I am working as Analytical Chemist in a multinational company.

3. VO : So you are looking to go Germany for higher study, right?

Me : Yes Sir

4. VO : But you already completed MS from Bangladesh, why are going to do another MS?

Me: Altough i have completed MS from Bangladesh but it was a general masters course, there was no research project. So i am focusing to have a masters degree with some sort of research experience. Actually i am imterested in the field of analytical chemistry for the development of my career in this vast field.

5. VO: Can you tell me about your course module?

Me: Yes; of course.Then i told details about my course name from 1st semester to last semester.

6. VO : How many semesters are there?

Me : 4 semesters Sir.

7. VO : You mentioned a course name like Physical Chemistry, can you tell what is Physical Chemistry?

Me : Yes, Physical Chemistry is…..

8. Vo : Can you give any example?

Me : Yes Sir…Some physical properties like heat, entrophy, enthalphy, surface tension etc.

But it seems to me the VO was not satisfied with my answer for the last question. That means my visa interview comes to end without convincing VO.

Then he returned back my original documents and give me a slip of Standard Chartered Bank to deposit embassy and verification fees .After deposit the fees i returned to embassy and i gave a copy of deposit slip to the VO. Then he told me to wait outside for few minutes.After a while VO called me from counter number 3 and give me a print out about confirmation of fees.Thats all about my visa interview.

Thanks All.

Shafiqur Rahman

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By Shafiqur Rahman

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