Abu Sufian

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Visa timeline:

Admission offer letter received: 20-12-2018 ( for summer semester)
Admission Extension- summer semester to winter 2019 for personal reason.
Fintiba account open: 10-4-2019
Student file open in city bank( more fast than other bank): 28-5-2019
Block money send: 14-6-2019
Blocking confirmation: 16-6-2019
Interview date: 25-6-2019
Passport collection mail: 21-7-2019
Passport collected with visa: 22-7-2019

BBA( Marketing) from AIUB
Cgpa: 3.44
Ielts: 6

Desired program:
HS kaiserslautern university of applied science
Course: Financial services management.

Interview experience:
Counter no 6 (VO look like a angry man)

Vo: please give me 7000tk
Me: given
Vo: which university
Me: answered
Vo: which program
Me: financial services management ( eta bolar por jhari dilo.j apnar major chilo marketing kno ajotha finance er sub porte jaben)
Me: actually sir.. I want to see myself as a top level executive in any reputed bank in Bangladesh. If i complete this world recognized course. I think it will surely give me knowledge about modern banking operation and business techniques. Secondly, this course somehow related to my bachelor course. That’s why i chose FSM course.
Vo: what is finance
Me: told
Vo: what is deficit economic unit
Me: didn’t answer properly
Vo: what is research methodology
Me: told
Vo: which research methods you applied in your research proposal
Me: told
Vo: what is entrepreneurship development management
Me: told
Vo: what is economic
Me: told
Vo: what is marketing
Me: told
Vo: tell me some writers name
Me: ( marketing er ekta writer er nam bolte parci r bolte pari nai dekhe onk jhari dise..mone hoisilo vo er shate mone hoy amr agey kokhono maramari hoisilo tar protishod nitese.baki ta na ei boli)
Vo: tell me your university founder name
Me: told
Vo: tell me your university(AIUB) location
Me: told ( answer ditesi r ghamaitesi)
Vo: how can I reach there
Me: told ( eta kmn type er question chilo hahahaha)
Vo: did you manage your accommodation
Me: told
Vo: why Germany
Me: told
Vo: future plan
Me: after complete my masters i will try to do my phd if i get a chance if i don’t get chance i will comeback in my country and i will start a new business if i don’t get good job.
Vo: give finger print
Me: did
Vo: eibar jete paren
Me: ber hye gelam original set chara ei..pore embassy theke phn ashlo then abr giye collect korlam.

Note: from my experience..visa interview is just a formality. Don’t worry about it. If your documents are okay you will get visa.