Interview Date: 18-06-2017

Time: 9.30

Location: new premises (Opposite of US embassy entrance). Now  France and Germany Embassy is combined.

1,2,3 counter for France and 3,4,5 for Germany.

Reached there around 9.00 am. I had to wait until 9.30 am under the sun but I was so excited so no worries. around 9.30 am They called me and scan me from head to toe. After that, they push me in the main VISA room. There I waited for approximately 1 hr. I was on the 3rd serial for counter 4. The most amazing thing is that the visa interview was going in front of you. that means you literally can hear what the candidate is saying to the VO. Can’t see any foreigner there all of them are Bangladeshi. I took following sets of document:

  • 2 sets filled VISA form
  • 3 Images (measurement adjusted from embassy website)
  • 2 sets of Bank credit confirmation mail photocopy.
  • 2 sets of Health Insurance copy.
  • 2 sets passport photocopy (just simple photocopy)
  • 2 sets of admission offer letter
  • 2 sets of all academic certificate along with the original one to show them (I took notarized copy too but it wasn’t required. You can take them too for safe side )
  • 2 sets Accommodation possibility document ( waiting mail from the youth hostel or Coordinators accommodation arrangement mail Also a booking confirmation from nearest Hotel, just booking no payment you can cancel it after the visa )
  • 2 sets IELTS photocopy


They called my name and started.

VO: Mr. Mahfuzur Rahman,  What are you doing Now?

Me: I’m a software engineer and doing Job for an organization.

VO: Name of your organization?


VO: Where it is located?


VO: What is your position there? (repeated asked like expression)

Me: Software Engineer

VO: So What is your future plan? (He was smiling when he asked me that. Like he knows what I was going to say)

Me: I was confused after seeing his smile. Then told, “After finishing my master I will join my past employer or open a firm for my own.”

VO: Your own company? you want to start your own ??

Me: Yaa, I will have a small start up I think.

VO: What kind of company?

Me: Software firm

VO: You make software ??

Me: Yaa.

VO: Which language you use?

Me: ASP.NET, use ?C#

VO: Ahh!! ASP. Any other languages?

Me: I know JAVA but passionate with ASP

VO: What is your University Name?


VO: Any orientation program ?

Me: Yaa from 21 August.

VO: Is there any German language course there?

Me: Yaa with the orientation program.

VO: How many semesters?

Me: 4 semesters with 120 credits.

Then the scan my 10 fingers.

Then VO told me that “I’m passing you the deposit slip that you have to pay and go home”. I was shocked and I said should I have to return the bank slip or my passport. Because I heard that they’ll keep my passport and took the bank slip. Vo said, “NO NO you pay the money and go home”. I again ask don’t you require any deposit slip ?? He said, “NO just pay and go home”. I ask him about the time. He told me to chill also said you have plenty of time and it will take approximately 4-5 weeks.

But in my mind, I was not convinced and after the payment come back to the embassy reception again. And they told me that they will call me again for my passport after my VISA get processed.

“———————–I don’t know about my approval, So pray for my good will———————————“




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