CGPA is not one and only parameter…what should you do?

1. first check the universities whether they have mentioned lowest accepted CGPA or not.

2. if not start developing a proper LOM/SOP which very convincing.

3.Try to develop other sets of factors for your academic CV….can be journals,internee, publication, research experience, volunteer activity, tutorship etc.

4. get good score in IELTS, German language

IELTS or GRE is missing….. what should I do?

in case of Germany at times this is not mandetory but helps.

don’t come up with excuses for ielts…better you take the test and work on achieving a good score. If you get admission in 2 places without ielts, you will achive 5 or more with ielts score.

in case of GRE/GMAT you still may check alternatives but I guess not for long.

I don’t have work experience, can I apply for scholarship?

no. not from Bangladesh. However, you may check “Abschlusshilfe” after your first semester in Germany.

end of the day…..please don’t come up with excuses. There is no easy way out !

Tanzia Islam

september, 2014

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