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This is Md. Habibur Rahman. Recently I have received my visa from the German Embassy in Dhaka. It’s a long story behind my scholarship/বৃত্তি and visa processing. To manage a good scholarship/বৃত্তি is one of the toughest and challenging task for each one of us. I have tried for a good scholarship/বৃত্তি offer since 2010. Even though I had received several half-founding and full funding offers from different universities in South Korea with different sorts of terms and conditions and which made it hard for me to accept those offers.

In 2011, I was receiving a scholarship/বৃত্তি (Integrated MS with PhD or MS) offer from the University of Ulsan, South Korea to do my Master’s in Biomedical Engineering. It was a full scholarship/বৃত্তি with living expenses of $500 USD. Before my visa application, I asked few queries regarding my program and the reply wasn’t good for me. Then I had informed my professor that I won’t able to join his research team due those requirements. It was quite difficult for me to reject the scholarship/বৃত্তি offer after admission. My few close friends were disappointed with me after hearing my decision. I just felt that it wasn’t right for me.

In the meantime, I was taking few positive step to improve myself. I have started a professional android application development training at BASIS from Feb 2011 to April 2011. I joined a local software company as an android application developer. On the other hand, I have started my Master’s in Computer Science in American International University-Bangladesh (AIUB) from May 2011 to June 2013. During my master’s, I have started work with a professor of AIUB to extend my research knowledge. I have successfully completed my Master’s with one journal and conference paper based on my master’s thesis. However, I have done little research on Image Segmentation, Mobile Ad-hoc Networks (MANETs) and Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks (VANETs) from 2009. Though, I have five conference (3 local and 2 international) papers and two journal papers (1 local & 1 international).

In 2014, I have successfully completed a professional training program titled “Oracle DBA 11gR2” from New Horizon Computer Learning Center and SAP Fundamental Training from AIUB. However, I have received several job offers too. But I was looking for the good one. It was too hard for me to search and find a good job in Bangladesh or mange a scholarship/বৃত্তি offer from Foreign University.

From February 2014, I have started to apply several German Universities as well as other international university, including France, Italy, England, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Canada, Austria and South Korea to get a good scholarship/বৃত্তি offer. Several Professor was showing interest in me. But there were several terms and conditions too. Still I waited for a good scholarship/বৃত্তি offer.

In June 2014, I have applied for the PhD position in Computer Science at Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg with my applications with a CV, a detailed statement of interest, transcripts (MSc and BSc) and two letters of recommendation. In July 2014, I have received an email from the University for the Skype interview by Wednesday, August 27, 2014. They also request me to send my presentation slide too. It was a one hour interview session with three professors about my Master’s thesis contribution, related research experience and motivation to join with their team. It was a great experience too.

In 5th September 2014, I have received a confirmation message from the University Of Oldenburg. They have offered me a research position in their research team. In 16th September 2014, the University requested me to send the soft copy of additional documents regarding my bachelor´s and master´s degree. I have sent my B.Sc and M.Sc medium of instruction certificate, Studentship certificate and Master’s thesis based authorship certificate of my conference paper. Before sending me the original letter for the embassy, university checks my degree. The university cooperates with an agency that checks my certificates, whether my university degree is equivalent to a corresponding German degree.

In 15th October 2014, I have received a positive result of the verification of the equivalence of the degree from the university. The University request me to send the soft copy of my passport and check my current address. After receiving my email, the university informs me that they have sent the original letter to the embassy by postal service and send me the scanned soft-copy for the visa interview processing.

Visa Processing (always check German Embassy Dhaka for the updated version)

16th October 2014, I have emailed the embassy for the visa interview. I have visited the German embassy in 19th October 2014 to confirm my visa interview date. The embassy gives me an appointment on 29th October. Still, I didn’t receive the original letter for the embassy (hard copy) before the interview date. So, I email the German embassy to postpone my visa interview date. The embassy calls me to fix the next interview date. The German embassy gives the new visa interview date on 10th November. In 6th November 2014, I have received the original letter for the embassy via the Dhaka Postal Service. It takes 21 days to receive the hard copy for the embassy. I was preparing for the visa interview and check all of the required document for the visa processing. The list of documents that I have shown during the visa interview as follows:

1. Passport (original)

2. Original Letter for the embassy

3. Accommodation document

4. Health Insurance

5. SSC Certificate, Transcript, Admit Card, and Registration Card

6. HSC Certificate, Transcript, Admit Card, and Registration Card

7. Bachelor Certificate and Transcript

8. Master’s Certificate and Transcript

9. Job experience certificate

10. Training Certificate

11. Other Professional Certificate

12. Medium of Instruction (B.Sc and M.SC)

13. No Objection Certificate

14. CV with Passport size photo

15. Photocopy of Passport

16. Hard copy of my publication

If you’re a bachelor student then you need to sort this list according to German embassy guideline. You can get the appropriate list when you will be in the embassy. You need for two sets of

photocopy from 2 to 15 with original set (total 3: original and 2 sets photocopy) with 3 copy German size photo. After interviewing, the Embassy will return your original document excluding passport.

Visa Interview

My interview was a formality only. The Embassy was checking my document and do their usual work like biomimetic fingertip. The embassy asks about my educational qualification, research work, professional course completion, job experience (3 month) and language course. I have given my answer with confidence. I have also informed the embassy that I haven’t IELTS and German Language course completion certificate. Even though, I have taken the preparation for the IELTS. But few of my friends suggest me that you might get exempt about IELTS. I have informed the embassy that I have tried to learn the German language using Rosetta Stone Software, Video tutorial from YouTube, Several websites, and BSAAG Group tutorial on German Language. As a Scholarship/বৃত্তি student, the embassy didn’t take any visa fee from me.

On 13th November, The embassy has requested me to contact with my Professor to give a little information to process my visa application and resubmit my visa application form again. I didn’t fill up few things during my visa application. So, I have resubmitted the visa application form on 16th November, 2014. Professor confirms me that he has sent the requested document by email on 20th November. I thought that the visa process is ongoing, but I didn’t get any reply from the embassy. As I know that a scholarship/বৃত্তি holder get the notification about visa by two weeks. I have decided to contact with embassy regarding my visa processing. On 5th December, I have emailed the embassy about my visa processing status.

The embassy calls me on 7th December that they didn’t receive my professor email. I was surprised to hear that the visa processing had not started yet. It was a misunderstanding between embassy and me. It was my fault that I didn’t take the confirmation from the embassy. I have requested my professor to resent the email again to the embassy email. Professor has resent the necessary document on 10th December after one month of visa application.

Yesterday, I have received a call from the German embassy to collect my passport. The embassy informed me that my visa is ready. Finally, I have received my German visa. Please pray for me that I can fulfill my dream.

Best Wishes. Thanks.

Kind Regards,

Habibur Rahman


By Habibur Rahman

করছিঃ PhD position in Computer Science at Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg থাকিঃ Oldenburg, Germany

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