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At last got the German Visa. 🙂

After 5 weeks of waiting, missing the first interview schedule ( :-p ) and going through lots of tensed moments at last I achieved my dream.

My Visa interview was on 13th January (I missed the first date and went through some of the worst days of my life before getting the new one. So my suggestion would be “Read the mail of VISA interview date everyday after waking up and before going to bed and never ever miss a VISA interview date. Trust me, your life will be hell” 😛 )

VISA interview experience:
The interview was smooth. I had arranged the documents before going to the embassy hence it took a very little time for me to check whether all the documents are in correct order or not. The VO called me within a few minutes of arranging my docs.

Me: Good morning, sir!
VO: Good morning. Give me the documents, put them horizontally in the tray not vertically. Also give me the form that the lady gave you.

Me: Which form sir!
VO: Didn’t the lady give you any form where you had to write your name and put a signature?

Me: No sir!
(VO called the lady and then the lady gave me a form and I completed the formalities. After that he gave me a passport collection slip and told me to check my name written in there and also told me to preserve it carefully.)

VO (after seeing all the documents): You are from Notre Dame College?
Me: Yes sir.

VO (after seeing the marriage certificate): You are married?
Me: Yes sir.

VO (giving me the two sets of photocopied docs): Separate the German language docs and also the SSC certificate and mark sheets. Keep them with you. Just give me the English documents.
Me: I pulled out the German language offer letter and the blocking confirmation from Fintiba and submitted all the docs again.

VO: Okay, sit there. I will call you within 3 minutes.

After a few minutes he called me again.

VO: When did you pass your BSc?
VO: What was your CGPA?
VO: When did you pass your HSC?
VO: What was the result?
VO: What is your IELTS score?
VO: Which University you are going to?
VO: Why this Uni?
VO: Can you tell me something about Munich?
VO: Why have you chosen Munich?
Me: Told all the good things about Munich. It is the capital of Bavaria, often listed as one of the most livable cities of the world, multicultural etc etc. I also told him that my wife is also studying Data Science at LMU in Munich (went there in last Winter). So it is the best possible option for me.
VO: Which university your wife is studying in?
VO: Which program?

VO: Have you managed any accommodation?
Me: I have applied for couple apartment via studentenwerk but haven’t managed any yet. In the meantime, I will stay with my wife.

VO: Do you have any German language proficiency?
Me: No sir, not yet but I am learning German.

VO (eagerly): Learning from where? By yourself?
Me: Yes sir.

VO: Did you apply in any other Universities?
Me: Told him the name of the other university where I applied.

VO(for the first time with curiosity in his eyes): So what is your plan after MS?
Me: After completing my MSc, my plan is to return to my country and start my career in Data Engineering and Analytics related field. This is a very demanding field right now in my country with a lot of opportunities but we don’t have enough experts for extracting information from data by doing efficient manipulation. So, I believe my degree at TUM will help me to enrich my knowledge and be a pioneer at this field in my country.

VO: Okay, you may leave now.
Me: Thank you sir.

Later I found out that the VISA officer was Sattaya jit Roy who is from Goethe Institiut Bangladesh. He was a nice guy.

On 16th January I received a phone call from the embassy for submitting two copies of my offer letter in German language. -_- I submitted them on that day.

I was a bit tensed as many received their VISA before 4 weeks but there was no news of my one. At last, yesterday (17 February), I received an email for collecting my passport at 4PM. I went to the embassy today and collected my passport. When I saw the seal of VISA, I could breathe a sigh of relief. I went through a lot of pain after missing the first one and was prevented from booking another schedule for almost 16 days. After constantly mailing them, at last they booked a schedule for me. Those days were like nightmares and felt like I have ruined everything. But, by the grace of almighty, at last I could achieve my dream and a story to tell everyone. Thanks to all the people in this group. My profile in short:

BSc in CSE from East West University
CGPA: 3.95 (1.0 in German scale)
IELTS: 7.5 (L: 8.5 R: 7.5 W: 6.5 S: 7.0)
GRE: (Q:160 AWA:4.0)
Publications: 1 in an international journal another one was accepted and under the process of publication
Job Experience: almost 1.5 years of teaching experience

Programs applied: MSc in Informatics & MSc in Data Engineering & Analytics at TUM. Also applied to University of Gottingen and was shortlisted for the interview. But, when I received offer letters from TUM I informed them that I won’t sit for the interview.
Acceptance: from both programs at TUM (no interview needed)
Documents sent to University: 15 November, 2018
Admission Decision: 30 November, 2018

I am the happiest person today. Please pray for me so that everything happens smoothly.

Thank you for your time and best of luck to all the higher study aspirants. May you all achieve your dreams.

P.S: Would love to be introduced with those who are also going to start their studies in Data Engineering at TUM.


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