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VISA Interview Experience 
Interview Date and Time: 21/01/2019 at 9:30 am.
Reached the German Embassy at 8:50 am.

After reaching there, I informed the security guard that I have an appointment. He asked my passport and gave it to an officer who was sitting inside a room (near entrance gate). Within five minutes I was asked to enter inside and the security guards did some formal security check-up. I had a cellphone and a pendrive with me. They took these and gave me two ID cards (one for Visitor ID Card and another one is for my cellphone and pendrive).

Then I went to the Interview Room. A security lady gave me the checklist to organize the documents properly.


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Then I was waiting there (from 9:00 am to 9:30 am) along with a few other people. At around 9:10 am, the VISA Officer (Counter 6) asked the security lady to take the documents from the next interviewer. I was asked by the VISA Officer for interview at 9:30 am.

Counter 1, 2 and 3 are for France.
Counter 4, 5 and 6 are for Germany.

VO: Good Morning.
Me: Good Morning.
VO: He was looking at my original documents and asked me where is your Offer Letter?
Me: I have given the Offer Letter (also shown by hand). 
VO: Okay, so for which semester did you get the Offer Letter?
Me: Summer Semester 2019.
VO: Where is it written?
Me: It is already written there.
VO: Where? (He gave me the Offer Letter)
Me: I took it and showed it (actually it was written as SS2019). Then I returned it to him.

The following questions were asked me:
• What do you do now?
• Job Responsibilities?
• In which subject did you apply? (MSc in Computer Science)
• How many semesters do you have to complete?
• Do you know about your total credit?
• Did you see the course module?
• Did you apply for any other university? Tell me the name, please.
• Have you transferred the block account money?
• Where will you stay there?
• How far it is from your campus?
• Two subject related questions.

Then he returned my original documents and kept the passport. After that, he took my fingerprints and BDT 7100 for VISA fee and gave me a Money + Passport Receive Receipt.

The interview was for only five minutes.