It was in counter#6. The VO was very friendly.
Me: Good morning, Sir.
VO: Morning. Give me your passport and other’s document.
Me: Here it is.
VO: You have to sign here in this application form. Well, let me check others. Do you have any photocopy of your passport?
Me: No.
VO: Ok, no problem. sign here. Then he went somewhere and come back with a paper (I think it was a photocopy of my passport). Then again checking the documents meticulously.
VO: Who is sponsoring you? (After seeing the invitation letter)
Me: Max Planck Institute for Software System.
VO: Is it for any research purpose? What’s the topic?
Me: Yes. Then I explained.
VO: Um… Are they giving you 800 euro?
Me: Yes, for my roundtrip travel.
VO: Is it other than food and accommodation.
Me: Yes.
VO: They will provide you with accommodation. But what’s the address?
ME: Maybe near or on their campus. They didn’t inform the exact location yet.
VO: (Smiling) There is no accommodation at the campus, maybe anywhere else.
(Then he went somewhere again with the invitation letter and come back)
VO: Do you work at this university?
Me: Yes, in computer science department.
VO: For how long?
Me: 1 year. I am also an M.Sc. student at BUET. (I mentioned it as I have NOC from both BUET and my employer).
VO: hmm. these are your bank statement.
Me: yes.
(Then completed scanning fingerprints)
VO: Please check the spelling of your name on this paper.
Me: It’s OK.
VO: Keep it to yourself. You will need this while collecting your passport and you don’t have to pay any visa fee.
Me: Thank you. Will I get any confirmation email?
VO: No, you have to collect the passport at this time.
Me: OK. Thank you. Is my visa accepted?
VO: (Smiling) I am not the one to decide about this. You have formally applied today and your documents will be verified and on the collection day, you will know the status.
Me: Oh, I understood. Thank you so much.

Documents I submitted:

  1. Videx Application form with 2 recent photographs.
  2. Invitation letter from organizing committee.
  3. NOC from BUET (As I am currently an M.Sc. student there).
  4. NOC and certificate of employment from my employer.
  5. Payslip for last 6 months.
  6. Bank statement of 6 months.
  7. Health Insurance photocopy.



By Mousumi Akter

I have completed my B.Sc. in Computer Science and Engineering from Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology. I am currently serving as a lecturer at United International University.

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