visa interview experience : 21 January 2018.

প্রথমে German Embassy এর সামনে দাড়িয়ে থাকলাম অনেকক্ষণ I guess এটাই একটু boring else everything was very good. Anyway after entered embassy they check security. transparent filebag is allowed so that nobody can’t carry college bag.
কিছু সময় অপেক্ষার পর আমার interview turn আসলো, visa officer ছিল স্মার্ট এক mem.

VO: Good morning.
Myself : Good morning, how are you?
vo : fine, u?
myself: fine.
vo: Give me all papers.
I delivered
Vo : which university.
vo : what’s ur degree program.

vo: what is ur course module in masters.

vo: please say about Digital engineering (my degree prog)
vo: what is Internet and what is intranet?

after that vo said me to give her 7400 BDT and start to asked from Grade sheet.

VO: what is computer architecture
vo: what is micro controller?
vo: what is Artificial Intelligence?

vo: when u completed ur bachelor and ur university.

vo gave me passport and money acknowledgement.
vo:okay you have to wait 6-8 weeks for visa process. thank you.
me : thank u

the vo was very helpful so never worried and go ahead.

after 28 days(18 February 2018) I got email from Germany Embassy and the next day (19 February 2018) I took my Visa.

Everyone pray for me.

I had my VISA Interview yesterday (20.02.2018) 9:30 AM at the German Embassy, Dhaka. The Interviewer (Visa officer) was a middle aged Bengali gentleman. After entering into the Embassy I had a formal check up and after that they gave me a ID card to hang it around my neck. I had to wait approximately 40 mints inside the Embassy.
At 10:10 AM the VO call my name and ask to give him all my original documents along with the photocopies and my passport ..

He took around 5 mints to check all my documents and then said:

VO: you don’t have the block account money transfer confirmation but you have open a bank account in Deutsche bank, aren’t you?

Me: I replied yes as I don’t have my block confirmation papers.

VO: okay but you have to submit it asap if you want to get a VISA

ME: Sure Sir, I’ll submit it as fast as I can..

VO: So your name is Saif Saduddin?

ME: Yes

VO: Put your fingers on the scanner

ME: Sure

VO: So what is the name of your intended university?

ME: Otto von Geuricke university Magdeburg

VO: subject?

ME : Medical system engineering

VO : What is your final CGPA?

ME: answered

VO: From which University you completed your BSc?

ME: Answered

VO: Your HSC gpa?

ME: Answered

VO: Is your university UGC approved?

ME: Replied

VO: In how many university did you apply for? Ohh I see you have got an admission letter from University of Rostock too.. the subject matches your Previous studies but yet you are not wiling to study it. Why?

ME: Actually I had a course in the last year of my Bsc degree named Biomedical Electronic. I found it to be very interesting to me. So I am very much enthusiastic to pursue my Masters degree in Biomedical Engineering

VO: But I think you should go for rostock !!!

ME: No, I don’t think so!

VO: okay you have to give me a motivational letter as your BSc subject don’t match with your intended subject!

ME: ohh okay I will then

VO: Here is the checklist of the missing documents (Block Confirmation) you have to submit a motivational letter mentioning why you want to study Medical system Engineering by 9th march!

ME: If I can’t submit them in due time what should i do then?

VO: Just email us and we will provide you assistance or extend the time!

ME: Thank you so much Sir.

VO: Give Me 7400 taka

ME: Here it is

He gave me the money receipt and took my mail id along with my mobile number and then said

VO: that’s the end of your Interview. We will confirm you via email or a phone call. Don’t forget to submit those missing document. Have a good day..

ME: Sure, You too sir. Bye

NB.: He didn’t ask me any subjective questions. And the whole interview was held in English and Bengali .. The VO mix the both language and one funny part was he ask me if I’m married or not! He asked me that, are you bibahito? My reply was, na No 😂 hahaha

Anyway, I think my visa experience will help you to get prepared.
Everyone please Keep me in your prayers. Thank you all 😇Assalamualaikum 😊

With grace of almighty Allah yesterday I got an appointment from German embassy Dhaka visa section . It was 3.55pm in malaysia and they confirmed my appointment today 8.30 am. Last few days I was damn depressed due to no appointment available in online portal. So all my beloved brothers sisters advise me to call them to mail them I did. As I was in huge depression I couldn’t eat sleep like 5 6 days in malaysia .
As there was no hope from Dhaka earlier that day I decided to face interview in Kuala Lumpur which gonna be huge costly for me being a middle class family member . My family will be in problem to manage extra 60 70 thousands just for going and coming back to KL if I attend there . Still I want to face interview anyway everything confirm my appointment was in KL 1st march . But 27th I got appointment confirmation so with in few hours if I can leave from Malaysia it’s possible to make 😕 not wasting time I booked a urgent flight and rush back to Dhaka by 3am local time and slept 2 hours 6 am woke up and 6.30 am went for embassy. I arrive there 7.15 there was no one so me and my friend had breakfast and come back 8am now got enough visible people 😜 ok fine my appointment is 8.30 am but I got call from guard (these are incredible stupid but today they were quite ok) took my passport still waiting for call to go inside it’s 9.35 finally they call me for security check . ( My advice and request to all my brother’s please don’t bring any college bag during interview 😣😣 I was Lucy my friend was with me and he had to carry another ones bag as well.)

Ok I’m inside now, lady ask me to set all my papers according to list 😕 the list was too small 😜 application (have to write I have received my passport and sign and date in first page right side ) , offer letter , bachelor masters certificate . Block account confirmation , 3 photo ( two must clip, don’t stple or don’t use gum )

As my degree was from Malaysia to support my certificate there have some additional letters also so I keep it together with listed documents . (But it was clearly mentioned no need to)

Then waiting, 10.15 am the gorgeous VO from counter 5 called my name ( finally 😥)

VO. Good morning
Me . Good morning mam
VO. Please pass me all your documents including yours Passport
Me . Mam should I give all my main documents as well?
VO . Yes please

VO . So you graduate from Malaysia? Which course
Me. Answered
Vo. Block confirmation?
Me.sorry mam I came back from Malaysia last night tomorrow I’m going to transfer money .
VO. Checking my old Passport . Did you refused by any country?
Me. no mam (my old passport full of different countries chop and sticker 😜)

VO. First time apply to Germany?
Me yes mam just graduated last year June .
VO. Hmm (reaction with satisfaction)
Vo. checked all my original and returned
VO. Checking other documents
VO. Why you never organise your documents (bit upset )
Me. sorry mam I came back last night and was in rush I thought you might need these documents that’s why I keep together 😕
Vo. Ok no problems , which one is your mark sheet (bachelor )
Me . This one me academic transcript
VO . What is your final score?
Me it’s 3.39 mam
VO. Out of 4?
Me yes mam 😝

Vo. Ok when you intend to travel ? Typing
Me 1st April mam
VO. last date of enrollment
15 April mam( continue typing)
VO. Where you want to stay
Mam I want to rent single room nearby my campus
VO . How about distance ?
It will not be more then 40 min
Vo. By train or bus ?
Bus mam 😜
VO. Ok typing

Now some one call her ask me to excuse for while .
In a while she came back say
VO. How many credits of your course
Mam 9
Vo . What?
Sorry mam 90 credit and 120 ects
VO . Smiles and say ok .

Vo. Typing ….
VO . Please pay 7400.
I did

VO .Well , why you think this course suite your aim .
VO. Smiled and ask ok tell me what course you going to take first semester.?

Me answered

Vo. Ok typing my recipit

Me . Mam how about my block confirmation ? Could you please give me some time .

VO. No problem I’ll give you a missing documents papers make sure you submit as soon as possible.

Me . Ok mam

VO. Pass two paper please sign one here and another copy is yours

Me. Did

VO . A nice smile ok done .
Mam how long will take to get decision?
VO . 6 to 7 week 😌

Thank you mam 

Done 😁 trust me this was most wonderful interview in my life . She is wonderful 😍😍

Keep me in your prayer now BD time .
Last one day was so incredible for me 😂 did so many things in 24 hours unbelievable.
I thanks all my beloved brother for every single call massage to encourage me and give me support.

Keep me in your prayers 😎 I’m satisfied with interview