My visa interview experience:

I had my visa interview today. I entered the embassy at 9:30. Quite a few people were in the waiting room, both for france and germany. As far as i noticed, only 3 or 4 of us were students. I was called after waiting only 10-15 mins. I already had all my papers ready. The VO was a middle-aged lady with glasses on. The interview went something like this:
VO: Please put your papers along with the originals and your passport in the box.
VO: Bachelors? Masters? or PhD?
Me: Masters, mam.
VO: Which university?
Me: Goerge-August-University
VO: Which city is that in?
Me: Goettingen, mam.
VO: From which university did you complete your Bachelors in Bangladesh?
Me: I completed my Bachelors from Bedfordshire University, England.
VO: Why didn’t you complete your masters from there?
Me: It’s too expensive.
VO: How much did your bachelors cost?
(I answered)
VO: You should have gone to germany for your bachelors.
Me: My aunt lives in UK and i got offer letter from Bedfordshire university, that’s why i went there since this was my first time in a foreign country.
VO: Amount already blocked?
Me: yes mam
VO: What subject and how many semesters?
Me: Applied Computer Science and 4 semesters.
VO: You studied Computer Science in your Bachelors as well?
Me: yes mam.
VO: Germany is good for IT. You would get good job.
Me: I would like to come back after my studies. I don’t want to stay there.
VO: why?
Me: My family and friends are here. And i want to get a job here, that’s why i want to come back.
VO: What is your future plan?
Me: After i complete my Masters, i want to come back and complete CCNA course. Then i would look for a job as a software developer or server admin. I have been taking lessons on windows server.
VO: Can i have 2 copies of your england visa page?
Me: Mam, i don’t have copies, i have my old passport with me.
(then she made 2 copies of my UK visa)
VO: Good score in IELTS and you have also completed A2?
Me: yes mam. thank you.
VO: thank you. It usually takes about 6 weeks to process your application. You would be notified by email or we would give you a call.
(then she asked to pay 7400 taka and took my finger prints.)
My thoughts: No technical questions were asked. I am not sure if it’s a good sign or bad. Also, she took copies of my UK visa. Not sure why.
It wasn’t as scary as i thought. The interview went smoothly. I also asked her if the embassy would consider issuing my visa before the last week of March as i have orientation on the last week. The VO said, if my process is done by then, i could go and attend.
Please keep me in your prayer.

Hi everyone, I had my visa interview yesterday. Interview time was 9.30 am but they kept me and 2 other students on waiting for 2 hours as there were lots of business and official persons. However, here is the conversation:

Me: Good morning sir
VO: Yes good morning. Please provide me your original docs with one set of copies and 2 photos.
Me: Provided.
VO: Asked to give fingerprint and to give BDT 7400.
Me: Did
VO: When did you complete you graduation?
Me: 2013
VO: You are a CSE graduate. What was the university name and where it is?
Me: Leading university, Sylhet.
VO: Who’s the VC ?
Me: replied
Then he went away for 2 -3 mins with the VO of next booth. After coming back he gave me a paper and a pen to write code with programming language C to solve a problem.
Me: Wrote. He found some mistakes.
VO: Who’s your financer?
Me: Replied
VO: How many credits did you complete in your bachelor and what was the project?
Me: Replied.
VO: Is there any project thesis in your intended course?
Me: replied.
VO: How many credits in project/thesis?
Me: Replied.
Then he asked to give 2nd set of copies and remaining 1 photo. Also asked to give signature on the front page of one application confirming that I received my passport back.
Me: How much time will it take to process sir?
VO: 4 to 6 weeks and then he asked which date you are planning to fly?
Me: 20 march
VO: I think you have enough time. You will be informed.
Me: Thank you sir. Have a good day.

That’s all. I hope it helps others and would like to get feedback from experts on my possibilities of getting VISA.

My profile:

Bachelor: Computer science and engineering from Leading university, sylhet.
Cgpa: 3.37
Year: 2013
Ielts: 6.5
Work exp: 1.9 years
Intended university: Paderborn university
Blocked amount: 8800



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