Visa interview at 8.30, I was the first one.

VO: please make two sets of your documents.
Me:Miss, it will take a bit of time since I have stapled the documents together.

VO: okay, please pass me your application so that I can start working on it while you do the rest.
Me : I said sure. Passed the application

After checking the documents:

VO: you don’t have a blocked account ?
Me: no miss. However I supplied my receipt.

Further said I contacted German embassy through mail they said to attend the interview and submit documents later. she nodded her head in agreement and said yes it’s okay.

VO : what is your house number ?
Me: current or permanent?

VO: in Germany the street number is the house number ( I gave my road number)
Me: oh okay, it’s 147.

VO: okay, please put your four fingers

After finger print processing, she asked me:

VO: so where are you going to?
Me :university of ulm,l.However I’m more comfortable pronouncing it as U-L-M. It’s wrong though

VO: *smiles* so what is the duration
Me : 4 semesters, 2 years.

VO: so where are you going to stay?
Me: I have booked the student dormitory.

VO: are you in the waiting list?
Me: no I have already transferred the money and received the housing acceptance letter.if you want I can pass it to you.
VO: no, I don’t need it.

VO: what are the courses?
Me: well I will study Biophysics fundamentals and then the advanced methods. Well there will also be adaptation modules for life science graduates like me which would be on maths statistics and physics

VO: so you studied pharmacy? Tell me about what you learn in organic chemistry that is lab.
Me : well we had organic chemistry I and II.

In both the courses we focused on making drugs which could be carried out easily in the laboratory techniques. Mentioned paracetamol when giving examples

VO : so can you make paracetamol now?
Me: well I need the reagents.

VO: so how do you make it?
Me: well I need to recall the instructions.

VO: just the general process
Me: well blabbered two lines (all I remember is fractional distillation and 2-aminophenol and 4-aminophenol and Ethanoic anhydride ) made few lines using these words. Stammered a bit and said sorry

VO: smiled again, ( she was really easy to talk to).so what did you learn in say human physiology lab?
Me: oh well just the basics like how to measure blood pressure and blood grouping and all.

Agreeing with the fact that it’s easy she asked further

VO: what did you learn in cosmetology lab?
Me: well how to make shampoo, cold cream.

VO: so how do you make shampoo?
Me : well we use the egg yolk surfactant and then as per instructions we heat it ( I didn’t remember much so just said up to these)

VO: so you actually use egg?
Me:yeah. Even our lab instructors used to say please bring an egg from your home for next class.

After that she gave me passport and said to wrote on the application form.

I received my passport and to sign it.

While doing so,

She told me it will take 4-6 weeks. The embassy will call me.

I asked her:Miss, since my blocked account confirmation is not complete yet , how do i submit it? And by when ?

VO: do it as soon as possible. Told me to drop it in the main gate using my application form number
Me: thank you

VO: thank you too

Profile : Bachelor of Pharmacy.NSU, CGPA.350
IELTS -7.5 Writing 7 speaking 7 listening 7.5 Reading 8.5.

Intended University -University of Ulm, Biophysics MSc.

Now i will be waiting like many of you, whatever happens will happen for best that includes a visa rejection as well.
I would say to be mentally prepared like me in case for a visa rejection. I hope my experience will help you all and thanks to everyone for helping me out always.
I really appreciate your help! 


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