I’ll skip through all the introductory talk. It’s all the same. After checking my documents and scanning all ten fingers of mine, the VO asked the following questions:

VO (a woman, maybe of Indian origin): (Looked at my bachelor’s transcript) So your grades look almost perfect. What did you study in Thermodynamics?
What did you do in the lab?
What about heat transfer?
What did you do for your thesis?
Why Germany?
Why this university in Germany?
…….answered all the above questions in brief….
VO: I am a mechanical engineer as well. Actually a friend of mine attended this university too. (I was surprised)
VO: Okay, so please pay Tk. 5400.
VO: It will take us 4-6 weeks to process this.


Dear bro and Sis
Few hours ago I have completed my visa interview. That was a terrible moment for me ,I never thought visa interview will be that much difficult for an electrical engineering student.
My visa interview time: 11.00 am
entering at : 11.50am
interview start : 12.15 pm
counter : 6
very young and smart men, may be an engineer.
my VO want all my original and two copies of all documents , then told me wait for a moment I will call you, after 10 minutes he called me, then he want one of my passport copy…then took my 10 finger prints……..now VO asking me question….

Vo: which subject u want to study?
Ans : power engineering
VO: in your admission letter write your subject is Electrical engineering.
Ans: sir actually there are two major area one is power engineering another is Information technology.
VO: have you blocked money?
Ans : yes
VO: how much u need to block?
Ans: 8640 euro
VO: what is your HSC GPA?
Ans : told
VO: what is your SSC GPA ?
Ans : told
VO: what is your HSC passing year ?
Ans : 2010
VO : what is ur bachelor passing year ?
Ans: 2016
VO: surprisingly 2010 to 2016 long time ?
Ans : actually sir my father admitted in a college in mathematics ,but I was determined to study engineering that’s why I dropped one year.
VO: what is Bachelor CGPA ?
Ans : 3.83 out of 4 .
VO: surprised and told excellent CGPA , what is the Top CGPA ?
Ans : sir 3.94 then VO Intensively checked my all transcripts and want again my original certificate and transcript .
I gave and,,,,, he told all are A+ very good CGPA ,,,,and checked my original paper
VO: Vo gave me paper and pen , told me describe all kinds of gate with truth table ?
Ans: I write down ,then he interrupt it is not right ,then again I write,,,he told it’s not clear write again,,, then told explain how gate works ,,,
VO: what is Kirchhoff’s laws law explain with circuit?
Ans : I explained, he told me I cannot understand , again explain ,,, then I draw a circuit .
VO: gradually he became rude and told me ur result are so good all are A+,
Explain thumbs law?
Ans: I try to described, he told me u don’t know this law, I told sir actually I might forget.
VO: again ur CGPA are so high ?
I told sir this is an electrical circuit 1 topics ,,, when I took this course,, there were long political violence so we skip some topics.
VO: excuse , tell me about Ohm’s law ?
Ans: I told
VO: what is the potential difference?
Ans: I told sir difference between electrical charge in any electrical field ,,like electron difference .
Vo: he was totally angry and told me u don’t know about potential difference and he drawn a picture and show me ?
Ans: I told yes sir difference between to place , in an electrical field from higher to lower.
VO: এইবার সে রাগ করে বাংলা শুরু করল, তোমার সার্টিফিকেট আবার দাও, আবার মিলাল, সব এ+, কিন্তু basic এত কম কেন ??? নাও সার্টিফিকেট।
VO: what is IELTS score ?
Ans: sir 6.0
VO: do u have any German ?
Ans : no sir but I have plan to learn .
Vo : How many brother and sister you have ?
Ans : I told
VO: who is your financing?
Ans : my father
VO: what is his occupation ?
Ans: sir he is retire but our main income source is our house rent .
Vo: from ur asset .

আমি জানি আমার result কি হবে, কারন Vo আমার উপর খুব rude হইচে। যাই হোক দোড়ে হয়তো জিততে পারবো না কিন্তু্‌, participate তো করছি, অনেক hard work করছি, সবার সপ্নের ঘুড়ি হয়তো আকাশে উড়ে না, কিন্তু চেষ্টা তো করছি। যাইহোক ভাল থাকবেন সাবই। সব সময় আপনাদের সহযোগিতা পাইছি।


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