Dear All, I was thinking for a long time to write an article for the freshers (Bachelor or Master program) so that they can prepare their journey with some proper plannings. Here I will talk about the regulations you will face by the university/ institutes as a student/ working student.This article covers the common regulations that are imposed on the students:

  1. Study progress: Several universities have their own policies to control the students’ progress: (a.) controlling the credits of every semester: They seek a minimum amount of credits to be completed in certain periods or certain courses to be completed up to 2/3 semester. Example in 1a below. (b.) if you sit for an exam and fail it, you have to clear it by the next 2 consecutive semesters. (c.) semester number restriction: universities like the Technical University of Munich controls student staying based on the number of the semester i.e. by the 5th semester all courses must be finished and the 6th semester should be devoted to master thesis. (d.) Maximum staying in a program: Master should be done by 7th semester and Bachelor should be done by 9th semester; otherwise exmatriculation. (e.) module control: a student needs to finish his/her own module in particular segments. Other or additional courses can not save the module requirements. Sometimes they ask for even a language certificate before 2 semesters. (f.) Thesis control: You can start a thesis after finishing a number of credits declared by the department. You need to finish it by 6 months and it can be only exceeded if there is a special reason: medical or supervisor issue. A thesis must be finished by report and presentation by the mentioned date. A student can be failed in a thesis only once and s/he must finish everything by the 7th semester. In any situation, it cannot go to the 8th semester.
  2. Plagiarism: If a student copies from anywhere (code, report, or any other forms of study material), they will fail once, and in the second term there is confirm exmatriculation. For first-time Plagiarism, you have to pass a course that you choose for that plagiarized one and you have to pass it in the first attempt. You cannot use an idea/ work of one course for another course. Writing report without giving citation and credits in the reports have the same consequence.
  3. Cheating: Cheating in the exam has similar consequences to Plagiarism. In every situation, you will get a 5.0 and your paper will go to the examination board. For 2 time, it will be an exmatriculation. Following exam rules have the same impact: bring a calculator and notes in a closed book exam or non-electronic exam. Looking at other students’ papers is also a form of cheating.
  4. Deadlines: German universities strictly follow deadlines. Late submissions are often not be allowed and lead to no marking. In the best case, they deduct marks for a late submission.
  5. Confidentiality: If you sign a paper of confidentiality, you have to follow the conditions of the paper which often covers not stating about your work outside to other people. You clear your store after finishing your job in the university/ company.
  6. Work during the study: You can work enforcement free up to 20 hrs during the study.
  7. Sexual or racism act: German institutes are strongly against these matters. Do not make these mistakes and stay safe from your colleagues if they particularly not liking somethings. I just need to tell you a story about this. One of my friends was shying to look at his colleagues because of shyness. He used to not eye contact when they used to talk. At a point, he has been called by HR to explain this fact why he talks by not keeping eye contact.

In odd situations, your case in paper forms will go to the examination board and they will discuss it. What to do with it is their discussion point. They do not want to be unfair to anyone so they strictly handle situations. You have to prepare the application for the board and do not forget to send pieces of evidence i.e. medical papers that might make you unprepared to meet a deadline. My suggestion is to read the regulation of your department and university before starting the master’s or bachelors. Take your step wisely. Make your plan strongly. Stay focused to study. Do not be distracted during the study because this is why you are here.

Yousuf Dinar, Munich, Germany


By Yousuf Dinar

পড়ছি Technische Universität München - TUM এ। থাকি মিউনিখ, জার্মানিতে।

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