All types of dealings in foreign exchange are guided by The Foreign Exchange Regulation Act 1947, which is administered by Bangladesh Bank. To download the Act, click here.

To download details on various regulations and guidelines related to foreign exchange, please visit Bangladesh Bank website (

Procedures relating to imports using foreign exchange are guided by the provisions laid down in The Import Policy Order, 2015-2018 (Chapter 2).

To download the Import Policy Order, click here or visit the Ministry of Commerce website ( 

Currency Regulations for Travelers / Passengers

a.     Foreign currency a person can take out of Bangladesh

An adult passenger can take out up to US$ 12,000 during a calendar year for global private travel. Out of that amount, up to US$ 5,000 or equivalent for travel to SAARC member countries and Myanmar and up to US$ 7,000 or equivalent for travel to other countries.

For minors (below 12 years in age) the applicable quota will be half the amount admissible for adults.

However, foreign exchange (taken out from Bangladesh) in the form of cash must not exceed US$ 5,000 per person per trip. (Ref. FE Circular No. 17 of 06/04/2014 and FE Circular No. 02 of 11/02/2015)

To download the relevant Bangladesh Bank circulars, click on the download link.

b.    Foreign currency a person can bring into Bangladesh without declaration

Any amount of foreign currency may be brought in by an incoming passenger with declaration to thecustoms authorities in Form FMJ. No declaration, however, is necessary for amounts uptoUS$ 5000/= or equivalent. However, a person bringing in foreign exchange exceeding US$ 5000 or equivalent will have to declare the amount to the Customs authority.

For a foreigner, the entire amount brought in with declaration or uptoUS$ 5000/= brought in without declaration may be taken out freely at the time of departure.Upto US$ 5000/= brought in without declaration by a Bangladeshi may also be retained and taken outfreely while proceeding abroad.

To download the FMJ form click here.

c.      Bangladesh currency/taka a person can bring into or take out of Bangladesh without declaration

Without giving a declaration (in the form specified by Bangladesh Bank) to the Customs Authority, a person/passenger can bring in from abroad or take out from Bangladesh Tk. 5000.  (Ref. FE Circular No. 05of 30/01/2014)

To download the relevent circular, click here

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