Alhumdulliah,by the grace of Almighty “Allah” got my visa. It took 35 days to get my visa in hand.
Visa interview date: 15th February, 2017
Visa Granted date: 22th March, 2017
Agent: Germanprobashe & BSAAG &

Special thanks to senior brother and sisters and really sorry disturbing you all. 🙂

Visa interview 
Visa experience of mine:
I was business student. University: HTW berlin, Masters in International Business. I had to wait a long at the embassy for my call. My interview time was 11.00am. I entered embassy at 10.30 they usually don’t allow to enter before 30 min time of interview. I sat for almost 2 hours. My name was called from the counter 1. There was a young lady age like 25-30! I don’t know.
Requited documents:
1. Passport
2. Two filled up embassy application form.
3. Three color photo as its required for embassy rules
4. Admission letter of the German university ( only the admission confirmation page and enrollment date page; no other page of admission letter) – original + 2 sets
5. Blocked account confirmation page – original + 2 sets
6. Travel Health insurance – original + 2 sets
7. H.S.C certificates and mark-sheets – original + 2 sets
8. Bachelor certificates and transcripts ( I additionally added my award certificate which is not needed) – original + 2 sets
9. Copy of passport data page – 2sets
10. The invoice of semester fee payment (This was additions the VO asked me to submit it) – 2 set
11. For one of my friend they also asked for the slip of DB back form attestation which was given at the time of DB bank form attestation (1800 BDT Invoice) – 2 set


Interview conversation:
Me: May I come I mam!
VO: Yes! Please. (She was looking at my files)
VO: So, you are a business student.
Me: Yes, Mam.
VO: Tell me about your course in details.
Me: Described the course name, module, semesters and duration.
VO: how many semester do you have and how many credits?
Me: Answered. (When you are answering to them try answering it boldly. Don’t hesitate with anything do your homework very carefully)
VO: She was looking at my bachelor’s transcript…..(taking some time, I was standing silently) and look at me then again looked at my transcript and asked. What did you learn in micro economics?
Me: Answered ( you can make your own answer using Google) but try not to say more max 4 line if VO is not satisfied then you can say more.
VO: Can you say more about micro and macroeconomics and differentiate among them?
Me: Answered. (its better try to give examples when they are asking this kind of question.)
VO: what is Global finance?
Me: Answered (Jodi kishu na paren mhuk chalata thakben tara mone hoy na business r kishu, tamon balo jane! (at your own risk))
VO: can you say about operation management?
Me: Answered.

Then she gave me the pay slip to pay the embassy fee then again come back to submit the embassy copy of pay slip.

When I came back she took the embassy copy and did some entries in her computer. And said me you can go.!!! But I was wondering how could it go that good !! is there something I missed then I found a small machine with green light and I remembered ohh!! She didn’t took me fingerprint. I looked at her and asked. Mam don’t I have to give any fingerprints, She surprisingly said didn’t I took yours ! let me check. Then she thanked me and took my fingerprint. And that was all. 


My suggestion for interview: All you need is to be Confident and to show confidence (not overconfidence). I think embassy just take the interview to know about yourself and to find are you a genuine student or not. In your interview day take the backup of all the documents you have gone through with this whole process. You never know when they ask for which one!! No worry if you don’t have any documents with you, they will ask to you submit it later or email it later but if you already have it with you they will understand your capability also (I think). My suggestion is to memories your own bachelors transcript. 😀 and download all the 1st chapter of your every bachelors course and learn it again. We all know we forget everything we studied!!!


By Fayz Ahmed Shaon

Fayz Ahmed (Shaon) BBA in Finance and Accounting: American International University Bangladesh (AIUB) CGPA: 3.96 (summa Cum Laude awarded) IELTS: 6.5 no band under 6 Work experience: 2.3 yrs Email: [email protected]

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