“Turning rejection to acceptance” is always viewed as a miracle for anyone. Though it’s not impossible if you feel confident on your profile and determination to bring to know the exact reason behind those rejections. It always said, “Challenging admission committee will not change your outcome”. But believe me, having a curiosity for proper reasoning might put some lights on your hope.

Most of the students (I also consider myself being a member of that group) don’t take further steps after getting a negative result from any university.

I also went through several negative feedbacks. Being a B.Sc degree holder in EEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineering) and prompting to have M.Sc in CSE begets denial from almost every university. Muenster University was among those universities. Please note that every student has right to ask the admission committee of any university about the refusal of their admission. This solemn right is manoeuvred by the corresponding university itself.

Please find the procedures at below that I have followed to change the decision:

  • I have got my rejection letter in the online portal on 7th February 2017 at 7:43 am (Germany Time). Obviously, I had a bad start on that day.
  • Took time to cut down my sadness of rejection and emailed the admission committee to re-check my application on that day around 12:00 pm, please find the below screen shot of my e-mail. I tried to portrait my academic career to create an impression based on which admission committee might give me a chance to prove myself. At 10th February 2017, one of the selection committee members broke the ice and showed me some hope and thus I became a viable candidate to give skype interview.
  • The interview was dated on 16th February at 12:00 pm. Before jumping into the battlefield I went through all the course modules, motivation letter where I stated on which module I wanted to do specialisation and most importantly, gathered some basic concepts on every module topics.

Interview tips and session:

There were 3 professors for an interview. In the mail, they have told me the name of the professors that was a bulls eye for me to impress them by going through the topics they will be teaching. Initially, I did enough research on the professors and the contents of my desired module so that I can answer them. I made my own syllabus for that interview.  The subject, “Information System” is comprised of 5 modules and those are

  • Information Management
  • Process Management
  • Business Networks
  • Information System Development
  • Logistics, Production and Retail

Those professors are the instructors of Business intelligence, Process management and Retail module so I need to prepare myself to face questionnaire based on those three modules.

Try Study in Germany

Questions for the interview (as far I remember):

  1. What is OLAP processing, modelling and optimisation
  2. Difference between OLAP and OLTP
  3. Process about Data warehouse and reporting (real time)
  4. Risk analysis
  5. ETL
  6. Normalised and denormalized data
  7. 3-NF technique
  8. My master’s thesis
  9. Tabu algorithm
  10. ERP process
  11. Business rules and technology ( a case study was given)
  12. Data modelling techniques
  13. Do I have any paper publications as I have to read and write a lot as its research base?

The interview lasted for 40-45 minutes and I ended up by saying “Sorry for my wrong answers as I have only practical knowledge but I do not know the exact terms of all the processes thereby I want to pursue the theoretical knowledge. I hope that you would give me a chance to study and prove myself.”

At the end, one of the interviewers asked me why I scored badly in IELTS despite having good fluency in English and research paper publications.


Interviewer always seeks for to the point answer rather telling a summary. If you know the answer then try to express within one word. Telling consolidated facts might cause you to receive backlash.


By the grace of almighty Allah, I got another e-mail from them within few hours depicting that my application is accepted. Please see the below image for reference.

I hope sharing this event will encourage others to have marveled in their life. Maybe this approach prove wrong to anyone or unable to bring positive responses. Conversely, showing oblivion after knowing that there might be a chance of changing the fate is regretful.

Best of luck to everyone. 🙂

Pray for me and my future.


By Jannatul Ferdous

Hi, I am Jannat. Working as a Soft. Engg in QuintilesIMS, Bonn. Currently studying and Living in Muenster, Germany.

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  1. Ma’am, I am a student of EEE department of a private university in Bangladesh. I am in 3rd semester now. I wanted to do a Masters in a subject related to CSC. So I need some advice from you. If you give me a little time, I would like to let you know my questions.
    Thank You.

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