this is what you will have to do:

1. flight lands on the lower deck of the airport…
2. go one level higher
3. from there follow the hanging sign board…
4. look for the SKYRAIL / train sign board…. dont worry you will figure out which symbol represents skyrail
5. still if you cant figure it out.. .ask people around you.. they will help you.. dont feel shy or afraid.. you dont get anything here unless you ask for it
6. take the sky rail to Düsseldorf Airport Railway station.. that is the last stopage.. so you wont miss it
7. buy ticket to wüppertal from the vending machine .. the machine supports English… in case you get confused how to use the machine…. there is also in information booth just at airport station… you can get the ticket from there too
8. trains in all direction are being delayed.. so watch out for that
9. keep 20€ and 10€ notes in your pocket to buy the ticket…. sometimes the machines do not accept bigger notes.

have a safe trip and i hope you feel welcomed to Deutschland smile emoticon

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