I arrived in Hamburg on 22.09.2015 to pursue my Masters in “Information & Communication Systems” at Technical University of Hamburg-Harburg (TUHH).

Almost all the students who come to Germany, have the thought of “part time work” in the back of their heads. I was no different. I had to slide through the first week completing my city registrations, bank and health insurance activation and enrolment at the university.

The whole time, I kept my eyes on two things-

  1. The HiWi works from my area were listed on this site (http://www.stellenwerk-hamburg.de/jobs-finden/hochschulinterne-angebote/browse/1.html). This one listed works available for students at various universities in Hamburg.
  2. The TUHH (my universities) newsletter/email which I received in my university’s email address.

Here, I should mention that, I preferred universities as work place mainly because you can get work without knowing much Deutsch (My Deutsch is VERY rusty!) and as the authorities will know that you are a student for sure, you wont have that hassle of showing residence permit and other legal papers so soon. Not to mention, you can actually take up two works and still study as they ensure that students get time to study and not overworking even if I or they wanted to!

So in my case, when everyone was just cooking and shopping/travelling around (don’t get me wrong, I did those too!) I made a habit of checking the site and email 3 times a day. On my second week, I noticed in my TUHH newsletter that a department at TUHH was looking for “Mitarbeiter” very urgently.

I had the qualifications they needed and I was very quick on emailing them. Trust me, the response came faster! So, within 10 minutes I was set up for an interview next day and as it turned out, confirmed me a job too!

I will get on the details in another post.

PS. I heard that there is a big Bangladeshi community in Hamburg but I came across no one apart from some Bangladeshis in my uni.

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