I met few Bangladeshi students in past few days in Berlin. I’m not mentioning their names but I felt so bad meeting them, thinking about the hardship they are going through. First of all, they are too young to go abroad. Even they are younger than my younger brother. I would never let my younger brother do the same and that is why I felt so bad for them. Let me explain why.

They are aged 18, 19 and so. They finished their HSC and their parents send them abroad for higher study BUT it’s not like they got any support or funding or aid or scholarship, not even from their parents until they got a degree. Well they took some blocking amount and send them back after coming Germany. So what they are going to do? Work in restaurant? Is that really the age to do that? What their friends are doing back home? While their friends chilling with friends, going to university, having so much fun, sleeping in his own bed and parents taking care everything then why? Why they will work at night, going to language school every day and manage their own stuffs starting from cooking, grocering, clothing, washings, cleaning, working and finally sleep flooring, It’s still not a sound sleep because they still have headache about housing, funding and what they gonna do next month and a lot, at least making breakfast in the morning. Do they really have time for life, chilling around and so? Isn’t it like they are missing a big part of their lives?  Ask yourself what did you do at that age? Do they really deserve it? I know answer is: it’s being rude to them.

The only thing positive here is the parents and relatives of them feeling proud of it and they can tell people ‘You know what? My son lives is Germany, he earns even more than a doctor here blah blah blah’. It makes no sense. These cannot be a reason to put them in such hardship. It’s not like they sent them free. Parents spent a lot too in order to send them, for example to agencies, air ticket, language fee, accommodation fee, shopping and so on. Question is why they are spending so much to put their child in danger? I know the answer is: They don’t know what are they doing.

Let’s come to the discursion. Let’s assume they love what they are doing and they want to continue (for real they have no way to go back). They will finish language (student colleague, TestDaF or whatever)  in two years and will spend few months or an year to get admission for bachelor and finally they may complete B A C H E L O R  in 5 years.

So finals its 8 years to complete bachelor, Wow this should be some special kind of Bachelor, He must know everything. Is that what are you thinking?  Honestly speaking, trust me they cannot make as good result as they could do at home country. Well you may say, German degree should be world class. Dude nowadays its more about what the skills one got beside study, do they know anything beside. Do you think they got enough time to learn something to make them special after all these cooking, grocering, clothing, washing, cleaning, working? If it’s not an exception then they will only finish the degree with a poor CGPA and most of them will not be able to complete.

So it’s about 8 years (Starting form the day they start about Germany from home) hardship and stress to get bachelor degree with poor CGPA without any skills or experience, okay with one internship. Say they got it from TUM (The best uni in Germany). Does it really make any difference?

Let’s assume they got some close friends back home, they went to admission test together  and some of them got admission in public and some failed and got into private universities, They finished in 4 years and joined in some company in few  months and started looking to go to Germany for MS. During these 8 years they also completed bachelor and worked 2 years in BD and finished their MS in 2 years from UNI Rostock, Germany.

Now that two of them (One holding German BS another holding German MS and 2 years job experience) were so surprised to see each other under the  WorldClock Alexanderplatz after 8 years. They were so excited to meet each other. They figured out while talking that they applied for the same position Software engineer at FTI Touristik.

Can you feel the difference among them regarding knowledge, wisdom, experience, skills, education, morality, life, humanity, personality, thinking, confidence, grown up and so on ? I know it’s a question like ‘Is the glass half-full or half-empty’.

I am only taking about the boys aged 18, 19 and so. I would never recommend someone of these ages for bachelor abroad and of course without funding there is no reason to go. it’s even worse at the end. I recommend parents if they really can’t finance their children up to complete their study abroad or there is no financing for that, please don’t put them in danger. Of course you will feel proud of your children one day, please don’t choose this way.

Mohidul Islam August 8, 2014 original link: http://goo.gl/Ts507x