Today i am going to discuss about IELTS books and resources  as recently i have seen many students asking about it. Its my own opinion about IELTS books and wish it will be helpful. First thing first, watch my free online video course at!

***One more thing, IELTS is not a test which merely examine vocabulary so dont need to memorise any list of vocabularies like GRE ! If you think your vocabulary is not good then just make a good habit of English reading and trust me it does work and indeed worked for me personally!

*  You dont need to buy Cambridge series at the first place of your preparation instead buy books which will give you general idea about IELTS test and if you have internet at home then just google it and you would be able to know a lot and for more information you can watch my videos on our website(

*  But, if you are really like paperback or e-books then personally I like

-Insight into IELTS, Target Band 7,

-Action plan for IELTS for all four sections,

-How to get Band 9 in Writing (2 e books)(Ryan Higgins)(check file section of Rayhan’s IELTS group)!

-And, for listening I recommend to practice online just listen anything in English for few days. Just not only movies also watch documentares,interviews,BBC hard talk, TED talk and so on.

*  After that, if you want to explore a more…. then here you are:

-IELTS speaking(Mat Clerk)

-Common mistakes at IELTS intermediate and advanced,

-Writing E book made by Sumon Dutta, My speaking e book available on HSA ielts Toefl group (check file section)

*  Also, if you need to brush up your grammar skills then just buy any grammar books and again go through some important topics like Sentence structure, Voice change, Subject-Verb agreement,Tense, Parts of speech and so on.

*  So, now you are really ready to buy Cambridge series as they are just designed to evaluate your skills and simply they are mock test papers.

*  Then, If you have adequate time then buy  other test papers such as: IELTS trainer, IELTS test plus series, Ielts testbuilder and so on.

***Well, If you feel confident about your English then only buy Cambridge Series (known as bible of Ielts) or other test papers and just start practising.

*  Thus, you can skip whole process of buying basic IELTS books if you feel you are already good in English.

*  Now, To understand your English level watch some clips from BBC news and if you understand it then you are ready for practising cambridge. For reading, pick a magazine or English newspaper and try to read it if you can understand it though you don’t need to know the meaning of everything then you are okay.

***If you are okay with your reading and listening then generally speaking you are ready to buy test papers.

Happy IELTS Learning 😀

Rayhan Chowdhury. To keep you up to date join my group Rayhan’s IELTS!!!!



By Rayhan Chowdhury

IELTS Instructor bei শিক্ষক - অনলাইনে বাংলায় মুক্ত জ্ঞানের মেলা। থাকিঃ Loughborough, ইউ. কে.।

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