Uni-Assist is organization who help German University to evaluate foreign Degree and Certificate. Even a German Citizen have to apply via Uni-Assist if he or she earn the degree outside from Germany.


So it is safe and fare and now a days lots of German university only accept application via Un-Assist. So in that sense there is no other option to apply those university without Uni-Assist.

1. I am facing problem to send application fees to Uni-Assist, What can I do?

Ans: Yes its true. Due Bangladesh Bank (BD Central Bank) foreign currency regulation, one cannot remit any foreign currency without specific paper and procedure. And for application fees you can no direct deposit foreign currency to abroad. The ways are—1. By International Credit Card, 2. If you have any friends and relative in Germany request him/her to pay for you. 3. By Virtual credit card [ I have doubt about that in Germany] but it works for UK etc. This service is available in Dutch Bangla Bank (DBBL) and Standard Bank Ltd etc

NB: Always mention your application/payment reference No. If it is credit card mention CCVI (Credit Card Value Identification No).

2 Does the university/ uni-assist confirm the receiving of the document? And how they inform?

Ans: Of course uni-assist will do that by your given email. And most of the university also confirm the receiving of the document by email as well.

3. How many days does it take to get an answer from Uni-Assist?

Ans: After you getting the email from Uni-Assist that they receive your document it will takes 3-4 weeks to evaluate your documents whether it match with the requirement or not. If it matches then they will forward it to University. And in the mean time they will send email to you that all your document send to your desire university.


4. From whom shall I know the admission/Offer result/letter?

Ans: After sending your document to University Uni-Assist function is over. You will get admission result and offer letter from university.


5. How much does Uni-Assits charge?

Ans: Initially for the first application they charge for Non-EU student 68 euro/ semseter and then for every extra application they charge 15 euro/semester. It is like if you apply more than 1 program in different university.


6. How can I send fees from Bangladesh for my application in Germany if I need to do so?

Ans.: https://www.facebook.com/notes/bangladeshi-students-association-studying-and-working-in-germany/how-can-i-pay-fees-from-bangladesh-for-my-application-in-germany-if-i-need-to-do/493752620731371


7. I want to know more about Uni-Assit, where do I have to vist?

Ans: Please have a look at the UNi-Assit Official website: http://www.uni-assist.de/index_en.html

8. Question: How can I pay fees from Bangladesh for my application in Germany if I need to do so?

Answer: http://bit.ly/Send-Fees-from-BD

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