Dr. Ishrat Rafique Eshita
MD, DO- Phase 1(Hyperbaric Medicine, USA) &
going to start PhD from 2019 (MD-PhD Joint Program in USA).

I was the only one nominated candidate from Bangladesh Academy of Science to participate in the 68th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meet 2018, which was dedicated for Physiology & Medicine. This year, 43 Nobel Laureates came to Lindau to meet with the next generation of leading Scientists. Almost 600 Young Scientists & Researchers from around 84 countries selected to attend in this meet, & I’m very lucky & proud, that Lindau Nobel Council selected me as the “Young Scientist from Bangladesh.” The selection was no doubt but very tough! I selected there because of my 43 Scholarly articles in Medical Sciences.

I got the great news about my final selection on the 28th February 2018, and  then & then, I went to Bangladesh Academy of Science with my father. I met there with Professor Sir Naiyyum  Chowdhury & then with Professor Dr. Abdul Mazed Sir, he advised me a lot regarding this, he told me that I will get a travel grant from Bangladesh Academy of Science & North American Bangladesh Islamic Community to attend in this Science Meet.

On 11th April, 2018, I got  The BAS-NABIC YOUNG SCIENTIST GRANT AWARD 2018.

Undoubtedly, Lindau was the best week in my life.. I’ve mentioned here the important events.

20 June 2018

My excitement knew no bounds! I flew for Lindau, Germany with my parents. We reached at my vacation flat in Lindau on 23 June 2018, when it was almost midnight! due to the delay of domestic flight from Friedrichshafen to Bodensee. Catherina Weber, Stephen & Daniel were present there to receive us. They were so friendly & did help us a lot.

24 June 2018

I reached in the splendid  “Inselhalle”, where I did my meeting registration first.

In Opening Ceremony,  Mr. Anja Karliczek, Honorable Federal Minister of Education & Research, Germany;   Carl Henrik Heldin, Chairman,  Nobel Foundation of Sweden; & Mr. Countess Bettina Bernadotte, President, Council for the Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting were present to welcome  The Nobel Laureates & Young Scientists.

In Concert Stadttheater, Reception Party took place, which was the invitation of the Federal Ministry of Education, Science & Research, Austria. & Mr. Heinz Fabmann, Honorable Minister of Education, Science & Research, Austria received us.

Then , we enjoyed concert, presented by Ensemble of the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra.

Dinner party hold on Inselhalle.

25 June, 2018

It was the International day, dedicated to China. I attended there In Partner Event & Partner Breakfast at Hotel Bayer. Hof. The topic was- “DEVELOPING STRONGER SCIENCE LEADERSHIP IN DIFFERENT CULTURES- CHINA, US/EUROPE & OTHERS AS BASIS FOR INNOVATION.”  Peter Strohschneider, President, German Research Foundation & others were present there.

Then the tight schedules started!  I attended there in many Scientific Lectures one after one, Discussions, so many Panel Discussions, Master classes, Open exchanges, Agora talks, Science walks, Poster flashes & presentations.

At 25 June night, International Get Together took place. Mr. Xincheng Xie, Vice President,  Academician, Legal Representative, Sino-German Center for Research Promotion, China were present.

Cultural Performances performed by Chinese Acrobatics: Duo Yingling.

26 June, 2018

The day packed with aforementioned tight schedule.

Besides, Mr. Mohammad Jahidul Haque, from DW.bengali  http://t.co/bwrT6B0JPQ  Bonn, Germany,  was present to take my interview.

In evening, at Toskana Park, social event “Grill & Chill: Connecting Cultures” took place.


27 June, 2018

Science Breakfast held in Inselhalle. Mr. Anna Sjostrom-Douagi, Program Director, Nobel Center, Sweden was moderator in this program, the topic was “GENE MODIFICATION.”

I was honored to get invitation from German Federal Ministry of Education to have Laureate Lunch with Nobel Laureate Sir Avram Hershko (2004, Chemistry) at Weinstube Frey. He  advised me a lot regarding my PhD.

At 7 pm, I attended Important Heidelberg Lecture ” BIOLOGY AS COMPUTATION”

At 8pm, I was invited in Mars Science Dinner at Hotel Bayerischer Hof, Bahmhofplatz.  I held upon the topic ” LEVERAGING THE POWER OF GAMIFICATION TO ERADICATE AFLATOXIN IN AROUND THE WORLD”. Mr. Helge Bastin, Vice President & General manager, Synthetic Biology, was present there.

28 June, 2018

Mr. Raphael Fischer, from https://twitter.com/econfilm , London, UK took my exclusive interview about my research.

On the 28 June night, I attended in the most attractive Bavarian Evening. Mr. Bernd Sibler, Bavarian State Minister of Education, Germany was present to welcome us. Then, I attended Bavarian music, folk dances & Bavarian dinner.

29 June, 2018

I attended in the Baden-Wurttemberg Boat Trip to Mainau Island. In Mainau Island, with Mr. Ulrich Steinbach, Honorable Deputy Minister, Ministry of Science, Research & Arts, Germany.  There, Ministry of Science, Research & Arts, State of Baden -Wurttemberg hosted Science Picnic for the Nobel Laureates & Young Scientists.  At Mainau Island Castle Courtyard, the farewell party took place….



By Ishrat Rafique Eshita

Dr. Ishrat Rafique Eshita, completed MBBS, MPH (Public Health, BSMMU), also got Doctor of Medicine(MD) & Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO) Lisences of American Medical Association in Hyperbaric & Dive Medicine (American College of Hyperbaric Medicine, USA),& going to start PhD from 2019. Already got membership of American Medical Student Association (AMSA),Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society (USA),Wilderness Medical Society (USA),American College of Hyperbaric Medicine (ACHM),British Association Cancer Research (BACR). Got BAS-NABIC YOUNG SCIENTIST GRANT AWARD 2018 by Bangladesh Academy of Science, North American Bangladesh Islamic Community being an Outstanding Young Researcher & selected as the 1st Bangladeshi Physician to attend in The Lindau Nobel Lauureate Meeting 2018, dedicated for Physiology & Medicine; others awards include: Academic Board Scholarship Award (Talent Pool) by Bangladesh Kindergarten Associations; Government Board Scholarship Award (Talentpool) by Education Board Bangladesh; National Award in Recitation, (Gold Medal) Given by Former Prime Minister Begum Khaleda Zia; National Award in Music (Gold Cup) given by Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina; Champion Award in Quiz Contest, "Pepsodent Brain Check" arranged by Popular TV Channel Ekushe TV, Bangladesh & Dr. Abdun Nur Tushar; National Awards in Essay Writing & General Knowledge by Islamic Foundation Bagladesh; Thousands of Local & National Awards in Music, Painting, Recitation by Bangladesh Shishu Academy, Bangladesh Shilpokola Academy, Kanthoshilon, Islamic Foundation Bangladesh, Muslim Institute Bangladesh, Bangladesh Nazrul Sena, Shuddhobaak, Raagrong Music School, Udichi, etc..

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