Here are some of the visa interview questions that I believe are sufficient to take preparation. But that doesn’t imply that this is a definite suggestion and no question will be out of this syllabus. This is just to have an overview. I have searched through many group files and people’s interview experiences, and I found these are the questions that are asked most frequently. Hope it helps to take interview preparation. (For master program)

  1. Please make two sets of your documents and provide the documents.
  2. What is your house number? (In Germany street number is the house number)
  3. What is your HSC result? Passing year? Your college? Background?
  4. What is your bachelor result? Passing year? Your university? Name of degree?
  5. What is “your degree”?
  6. Is your university under UGC?
  7. IELTS score?
  8. What are you doing now? What is your future plan?
  9. Why Germany? Why this university?
  10. If you get a good job, then what will you do?
  11. Why do you want to return from Germany? Isn’t everything better there? (It’s a tricky question, stick to your answer that you would return after having your degree)
  12. Can you tell me something about your course?
  13. Who is going to support you?
  14. Do you have blocked account?
  15. Which university?
  16. Name of the intended course? What is the relation between your intended subject and your completed subject?
  17. Why did you choose this subject?
  18. How many semesters?
  19. How many years?
  20. Any orientation program?
  21. Is there any German language course there?
  22. Do you know the course outline of your program?
  23. Which subjects will you take in your first semester?
  24. What will be taught in the course?
  25. How will they assess you?
  26. What will be your thesis in the Germany?
  27. Where are you going to stay? What if you do not get a place in the hostel?
  28. Do you have health insurance?
  29. When it will start? End?
  30. What is your mobile number? Email?
  31. Do you know anybody who currently studying there?
  32. What was your thesis topic? Which method you used in your thesis?
  33. have you published your paper?
  34. Do you know German?
  35. Who is your financer? What is his occupation?
  36. How many brothers and sisters do you have?
  37. ****Course related*** Like
  38. What did you study in XXX?/What is XXX?
  39. What did you do in that lab?
  40. What did you learn for in your course XXX/What was the course content?

Be aware of your bachelor academic courses. They may ask you from your transcript. Ex: in your bachelor, you did courses namely Fluid Mechanics, Geology, Hydrology etc. So these will be written in your transcript. So they may ask like the following;

  • What is Fluid Mechanics?
  • What was the course content?

Now if you answer “Fluid mechanics is a branch of mechanics that deals with the properties of fluid.”

Then based on your answer, they may ask what are the properties of fluid?

So, the key point is your need to know your course definition and content, also the key words of your answer you will be given. If you don’t know anything, answer based on your assumption. They didn’t bachelor your course but you did. So be confident!

  • Don’t talk rubbish even in imagination. For example, if they ask, “what are the states of Solid?”. If you don’t know, and you read my post and you already learned if you don’t know anything answer based on your assumption. Based on this point, if you start saying “There are ten states of solid, Bangladesh is a very solid team, then Australia………..” Or if the ask, “can you name some programing languages?” and you ans, “sure yeah A, A++, B, B++, C, C++”. Then bhai forgive me that I wrote this post and mentioned you did your Bachelor not the VO.

Even when the VO ask you about your intended course name, if you forget, you may just say some of the courses randomly related to your intended program. But again, that doesn’t mean you can say Bangla 1st, Bangla 2nd etc.

Finally, best of luck to all of your future endeavor.


By Aziz Rahman

M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering (Major in Transportation), Technical University of Munich, Germany

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