The steps are given below:

  1. Go to daad international portal and see if your desired course is offered in Summer or Winter semester. If not, best of luck for your future endeavour and search for other uni.
  2. If offered, then go through entry requirements and deadline. Apply as soon as possible. You need to apply online. There is no application fee.
  3. After your online application, you can download the application and document checklist. At the checklist, you need to write the document lists you are sending. You need to send the application and required documents to their postal address.
  4. Required documents:
  • Application form (hard copy) including checklist
  • CV (you can upload so no need to submit hard copy)
  • Motivation letter (you can upload so no need to submit hard copy)
  • Co-curricular/Extra-curricular certificate if available (you can upload so no need to submit hard copy)
  • Passport and passport sized photograph (you can upload so no need to submit hard copy)
  • Academic transcript- SSC, HSC, Bachelor (Certified hard copy, upload not allowed)
  • Certificate- SSC, HSC, Bachelor (certified hard copy, upload not allowed)
  • IELTS (certified hard copy)
  • GRE if available (certified hard copy; At some programs GRE is mandatory)
  • Other documents if asked at the program website.
  1. Wait for the result. You can learn German in the meantime. My suggestion is to learn programming.
  2. TUM assessment is based on the points. If you score minimum 81 out of 100, you will get direct admission. If you score 57 or less, you will be rejected. If you score in between these, then you may be asked for an interview and you file will be evaluated again. Then, you need to secure 115 out of 160 for admission. They will evaluate based on the documents you have provided. I don’t have a clear idea which is the most important parameter. But I think you need to be ready at your best. Maintain a good CGPA, motivation letter, CV, IELTS, GRE, publication.
  3. If you are not admitted, best of luck for your future endeavour and search for other unis.
  4. If you are asked for an interview, prepare yourself well. Be confident. Revise your subjective knowledge. Have a look on your prospective course structure; be focused on your future plan. I have not sat for an interview since I received direct admission, thus, I have limited knowledge. But what I said is generic for any interview.
  5. If you receive direct admission, first thing you should do is, preparation for your visa. You should open your block account, take appointment for interview, transfer your money 8640+150=8790 Euro, sit for visa interview, get result, shopping and then fly. There are many docs here explaining these. So, I am not focusing it. What I am saying is, what should you do just after you receive your admission letter beside taking visa preparation.
  6. First you need to accept your admission. Then you should apply for university dormitory. It may take 20 mins around. If you search TUM accommodation on google, you will find where to apply. Also, accommodation is very hard here and minimum period to get a university dormitory is 1 year. So you need to knock any senior here in TUM if you know any to let him keep in mind that you need accommodation. For my case, I got help from a senior brother of mine. Also, you should ask as polite as you can.
  7. When you apply for university dormitory, make sure you write “I am starting in Winter 2017/2018” etc. You will find what to write at the website if you go through it well. It will enable you an opportunity to take part in the lottery. It is valid for first semester students only. But don’t hope for that because one should never believe in lottery.
  8. Now, you should upload health insurance certificate. Go to and apply for health insurance. You can open your health insurance just after transferring your money. They will not charge you a money. They will give you a health certificate. Just upload it to your TUM online portal. You can open your health insurance with TK or AOK.
  9. Now you should pay tuition fees of 128.5 Euro (student union and semester ticket from 6pm-6am fees). There will be a deadline but I will suggest to pay tution fee once you receive visa. If you think it will be late to get a visa, then pay as soon as you can. Don’t worry! If you don’t receive visa, you will get your money back.
  10. Once you submitted all these documents, after a week, you will receive certificate of enrolment. This is the best thing about TUM. You don’t need to be physically there to get your enrolment done.
  11. After enrolment, have a look on the course module. Don’t forget to register for German Language course. There will a time from when the course registration will start. Search German language A1.1 on the TUM online you will get the date and time. Suppose, if it is written that, registration will open from 6 Oct 2017 at 6pm (German time) then take preparation from 30 mins earlier. Register when it is just 6pm. All the seats will be booked within minutes. So be careful about that. Go for German as a foreign language A1.1. Don’t go for German A1.1 plus A1.2.


Finally when you reach Here in Munich, the first thing you should do is to buy isar tickets (semester tickets from 6am-6pm). It will cost you around 193-194 euro per semester (6 months). Next day, you may collect your student card if you completed your enrolment 10 days earlier.


At the end, Welcome in TUM, Munich.


Methodology: Recommended. You can choose your own methodology. But what important is to do your enrolment at least 15 days before your German language course registration.


Searching course> apply> documents submission>get admission> open block account and apply for accommodation>take appointment>transfer money and apply for health insurance (upload health insurance to the TUM online)> visa interview> receive visa/tuition fee submission>tuition fee submission/receive visa>get your enrolment certificate>register for German language course or other courses>fly>Isar card>student card.


N.B: Even if you do your health insurance, still you will need travel health insurance for 14 days for visa application. Both are different. Don’t get confused. I prefer TK for health insurance and Green delta for travel health insurance.


Danke Schon.

মিউনিখে আবেদন – Application Documents for Technical University of Munich (TUM)

মিউনিখে(Munich) ২৫ টি পিএইচডি ফেলোশিপ/বৃত্তি(১৭০০ ইউরো/মাস)!



By Aziz Rahman

M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering (Major in Transportation), Technical University of Munich, Germany

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  1. I want to attend a master’s program on Informatics: Games Engineering. I have completed my graduation in CSE last year but my CGPA is too low. It’s around 2.60. Also, i don’t have any publication. Is there any chance for me? But i do have one year experience in software development. if this will not work, are there any other university which providing master’s degree on games engineering which suits my qualifications? Please, help me on this. Thanks in advance.

  2. please, somebody reply. I really need this information. In addition with the information i have given before, i am going to take an IELTS test. But the thing is, do i really need to take a GRE test for the sake of admitting in TUM? Hope that somebody will reply.

    1. সাধারণত লাগে না। কিন্তু আপনি মাস্টার্স কোর্স এপ্লিকেশন রিকয়ারমের্ন্টেস চেক করে দেখেন। সেখানে আসল তথ্য পাবেন।

  3. I have done my BSc certificate and transcript certified from education and foreign ministry but HSC and SSC certificates are not certified by education and foreign ministry. Can I submit my SSC and HSC papers certified by the headmaster and the principle respectively ?? Because I live in Dhaka now and my education board was jessore and I have a few time left to send my documents to TUM.
    It will be a great help for me if you answer this question . Thanks

  4. Profile Evaluate for TUM(CS), University of Bonn(CS), Technische Universität Kaiserslautern(CS):
    Department: Computer Science and Engineering(University of Asia Pacific)
    BSc CGPA – 3.52(Scale 4)
    HSC – 4.10(Scale 5)
    SSC – 5 (Scale 5)
    IELTS – 6.5
    Publication – 3
    Extra Curriculum Activity: Two Times ACM-ICPC(Dhaka Region), One Time NCPC(Dhaka Region), BACS National Programming Camp, one time Dean and VC Award, 1st-Runnerup Intra University Hackathon, 400+ Problem Solving different Online Judge.
    GRE: Will sit soon.
    How many possibilities to get change, Summer-2019?

  5. I want to more about the Service of “Coracle”. They are providing Public Health Insurance by TK. Is this reliable? And also Coracle is providing Block Account Service. Can you please tell me is it recommended? I saw all good reviews but no detail after arrival Service in Germany. Nevertheless I know about Fintiba.

    I got offer leter from TU Chemnitz in Advanced Manufacturing in this Winter Semester 2019-20. My visa Appointment date is in 23 July. So I would be if I may be enlightened about service of CORACLE.

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