Types of insurances Bangladeshi students may need

  1. Insurance before coming to Germany (Mandatory)
  2. Insurance after coming to Germany (Mandatory)
  3. Life Insurance(optional)

If you get a visa, you have to make a travel health insurance of minimum 14 days.from Bangladesh.

List of insurance company accepted by German Embassy

01  Asia Pacific General Insurance Company Ltd.

02  Bangladesh General Insurance Company Ltd.

03  Bangladesh National Insurance Co. Ltd.

04  Central Insurance Company Ltd.

05  Delta Life Insurance Company Ltd.

06  Dhaka Insurance Limited

07  Eastern Insurance Company Ltd.

08  Eastland Insurance Company Ltd.

09  Green Delta Insurance

10  Jiban Bima Corporation

11  Mercentile Insurance Company Ltd.

12  Paramount Insurance Company Limited

13  Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd.

14  Pragati Insurance Limited

15  Prime Insurance Company Limited

16  Sadharan Bima Corporation

17  Sena Kalyan Insurance Company Ltd.

18  Sikder Insurance Company Limited

19  Sonar Bangla Insurance Limited

20  United Insurance Company Ltd.

After coming to Germany you have to take a private or public insurance policy.

Q1: Public or Private Insurance?

Advantages of choosing Public Health Insurance instead of Private Health Insurance

  1. Fees do not depend on your age or your health status.
  2. Your Medical history doesn’t matter.
  3. All public health insurance companies offer the same basic benefits.
  4. You can insure your children and spouse for free of charge through the family insurance plan (if they have no income or only low income of their own).
  5. Students with low or no income benefit from a fixed reduced rate.

List of public insurance companies in Germany.






Which one will be best?

Facilities of all of them are almost same.  

Life Insurance(optional)

It is not mandatory but some prefer to do it because if anyone dies accidentally in Germany, his/her family will get financial help (up to 20 million). You can go to online comparison websites to find out suitable one and use https://www.trustpilot.com/ to find out trustable one.



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Date: 07.07.2017




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  1. What about cost? Monthly or yearly premiums? Can it be covered with the monthly allowance of 720 euro that I will draw every month from my blocked account? If you shed light on this matter in details, will appreciate it. Thanks.

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