First of all you have to look for and study these books:

Okay, Practice one listening test and one reading passage a day and gradually try to increase your reading test into 3 passages in one sitting. When? You will know it when you are comfortable with just one. Then move onto two for each of the section. Take baby steps. Because it takes endurance and concentration to build up oneself for 3 passages at once.

Now, Watch the videos on writing and speaking. Speaking depends totally on how you think in the head. the faster you think, the faster and clearer the words will come out of your mouth. Try and practice thinking from the practice books’s Speaking section.

Watch these videos to learn about the formats on IELTS writing.

If you have followed the aforementioned instructions gradually within 3 days you will feel an improvement within yourself. Carry on and register for your exam. That will give you an extra boost for maintaining concentration.

Remember, IELTS is fun and easy. You just have to CONCENTRATE.

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