Today (26.08.2015) I have faced the visa interview. I have went to the embassy at 8:00AM but the guard allowed me to enter at 8:30 AM. Then I have left by bag and mobile phone on the counter and went inside with all the papers. Then in the reception (!!!), the woman gave me two forms to fill up and asked to make three sets of copies (One original documents and two sets of photocopies) according to the given list.


The documents lists are as follows (As far I remember):

1. Passport size photograph (I gave total 3 copies of photographs according to the size mentioned in the Embassy; Some of the other applicants gave 2 copies photo with Embassy mentioned size and 1 copy normal passport size photo; I think it is safe to take both conventional and embassy mentioned sized photographs)
2. Visa Application form
3. Offer letter from university (Scanned Copy; as I did not get the postal mail yet!)
4. German Language Certificate (If any)
5. Scholarship Agreement
6. Health insurance
7. Academic certificate and transcript of SSC
8. Academic certificate and Transcript of HSC
9. Academic certificate and transcript of Bachelor.
10. IELTS Certificate
11. Passport

ভিসা এপ্লিকেশনের নতুন নিয়ামাবলী

I made 2 copies of all documents with original documents. Admit card and registration card of SSC and HSC is not required. They have not asked anything about accommodation.

Visa Interview

Then I got the call from counter 3 at 9:30AM. The conversation was like the following:
VO: Good Morning
Me: Good Morning Sir
VO: You want to go for a masters, right?
Me: Yes Sir
VO: What is the name of your university and your program?
Me: I got admitted in Abbe School of Photonics of Friedrich Schiller University of Jena.
VO: I don’t see any Blocked account documents!
Me: Sir I have received scholarship from the university. I think I don’t need that.
VO: ok. But how you will receive the money of your scholarship without having a bank account?
Me: My coordinator told me that I have to open a bank account after reaching there. Then they will provide the money in my account.

Then he gave me a slip of Standard Chartered Bank to deposit embassy and verification fees (25300+345(Bank Service Charge) = 25645tk). After giving the fees, i returned to embassy and i gave a copy of deposit slip to the VO. Then he asked about my educational background and check all the documents and gave me a print out of the confirmation of the embassy fees!

That’s all about my interview today! It was a very short interview!


By Mamunur Rashid Tonmoy

I am currently working as a Lecturer (Dept of EEE, AIUB) and as an Assessor (AIUB-IQAC) for the last three years. Hopefully i will do my masters in Photonics in Abbe School of Photonics, Jena.

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