A Note for Bangladeshi Students planning to pursue Higher Education in Germany:

The German Embassy in Dhaka highly appreciates the interest young Bangladeshi students have shown in the recent years choosing Germany as their desired destination to pursue higher education and is very happy to welcome qualified students.

Each year the German Embassy receives a high number of visa applications from Bangladeshi students who are willing to relocate to Germany for educational purposes. However, during the document scrutiny and interview process, some applicants are rejected as they fail to convince the visa officers about the authenticity of their stated intentions. Therefore, to avoid rejection during visa process we advise the applicants the following:

1. German immigration rules are tough and thorough but fair. Thus the applicants should be well prepared to answer questions related to their program of study as well as organizational matters related to their upcoming stay during the interview at the Embassy. In addition, a good command in English is a prerequisite for a successful interview as it showcases the applicant’s language acquisition capability. Failing to perform satisfactorily during the visa interview will result in visa rejection.

2. We strongly discourage seeking support from any agent or agency to prepare documents for admission in Bachelors and Masters Courses in Germany. Applicants can prepare all required papers by following clear instructions provided on the universities’ websites as well as on the website of the German Embassy. By doing so, the applicants eliminate the risk of being fraud victims by agencies, save considerable amounts of money otherwise spent in vain as well as prepare themselves to face the visa interview at the German Embassy. Some useful links to be well-informed and prepare for study in Germany are:

https://www.daad.de/ (study courses, practical information, scholarship programs)
http://www.dhaka.diplo.de/visa (visa requirements)

We are looking forward to receiving further, well-qualified applications and wish all the applicants good luck!


By Rashidul Hasan

Founder and currently coordinator of the largest community platform of Bangladeshi people in Germany, named ''Bangladeshi Student and Alumni Association in Germany'' (www.facebook.com/groups/BSAAG) and GermanProbashe.

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