The International Max Planck Research School (IMPRS) for Neural Circuits was funded in 2011 by the Max Planck Society and offers ten positions every year for talented students holding a relevant Master´s or Bachelor´s degree to perform research resulting in a PhD. The program is taught in English.

The common focus of the IMPRS for Neural Circuits will be the understanding of neural circuits (from the simple to the large and complex), at all scales required to achieve this understanding. This ambitious objective will require analyses at the molecular, cellular, multi-cellular, network and behavioral levels, with the full understanding that macroscopic phenomena (spatial patterns, dynamics) can be scale-dependent, and that reductionism is not always sufficient as a method.

In the IMPRS for Neural Circuits we offer a multidisciplinary program to excellent doctoral students with backgrounds in neuroscience, mathematics, physics, computer science, (bio) chemistry, biology and medicine as well as research experience in the participating institutions of the Frankfurt Neuroscience community. Students will participate in a tailor-made educational program including research rotations and neuroscience courses but also in trainings in transferable skills as well as summer schools, lecture series and exchange programs with excellent research institutes abroad.

The call for applications of the fifth round (deadline: January 15) is now open.

(Every year there are some opportunities. If you missed the deadline this year, try for next year.)





By Rashidul Hasan

Founder and currently coordinator of the largest community platform of Bangladeshi people in Germany, named ''Bangladeshi Student and Alumni Association in Germany'' ( and GermanProbashe.

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