About RWTH Aachen University
According to Wirtschaftswoche surveys, ‘RWTH Aachen maintains the top position among German universities in the fields electrical engineering and natural science.
However, satisfaction with Aachen engineers also runs high in computer science, mechanical engineering, and industrial engineering: in these fields RWTH Aachen received second place’. [ Source  ]

RWTH is building research clusters to bring science and industry under one roof .16 research clusters are under development on RWTH Aachen Campus in close proximity to major research institutes and facilities.Currently six initial clusters are active and more than 280 companies
and interdisciplinary teams of scientists work closely with industry consortia in the new research buildings. [ Source ]

Currently, more than 360 companies are active on the RWTH Aachen Innovation Factory , and the number is still rising . [Source]
One of the largest technology-oriented research landscapes in Europe will be built on an area of ​​800,000 m². [Source]
In Aachen, Europe’s largest fully integrated ‘Technology Incubator’ is to be established.The ‘Tech Incubator’ is intended to initiate up to 90 start-up companies each year and create tens of thousands of jobs in North Rhine-Westphalia and the region in the long term.
Covering some 3,200 square meters, the Collective Incubator will provide space for collaborative work and exchange between students, academics and businesses. [Source]

Finding jobs in RWTH
1. http://www.rwth-aachen.de/cms/root/Studium/Nach-dem-Studium/Karriere/~buvi/Stellenangebote-fuer-Studierende-der-RWT
2. http://www.rwth-aachen.de/cms/root/Die-RWTH/Arbeiten-an-der-RWTH/~buym/Jobboerse
For software Systems Engineering From the different notice boards of the department, you will always find a lot of student jobs from different companies and also job from different RWTH research institutes.

How to Apply
Till now CSE students can apply 3 courses as they are tuition free and their medium of instruction is in English.
1. Software Systems Engineering
2. Media Informatics
3. Data Science
N:B: For computer science students, you will find video lectures for most of the courses. So , If you miss any class for any reason then you can find video lectures in the university portal and then can check them at your convenient time.

[Also you can always check most of the CSE courses of German universities for [here].

Go to below link and check from this page to apply.
There is a instruction PDF how to make an application.

N:B: You will not have to send any documents to RWTH.

Check the requirements again.
If your profile has something like good cgpa/publications/something else, i will highly suggest to apply. But you never know unless you apply. You can easily apply and no cost is included and no documents is needed to send.

Below a sample of application is given.
Please note that , this is only my findings and if u see any discrepancy let me apprise.
N:B: this is not official , you need to verify by yourself . Any information can be changed at any time.

CGPA to German grad conversion
ECTS conversion

Best of luck !!!!
Keep me in your prayer.
SSE,RWTH Aaachen University


By Imon Bayazid

Software Systems Engineering RWTH Aachen University Aachen, Germany

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