When ECTS said to Credit Hour “No Problemo Amigo” 🙂 but how ?

– In some German University for some of their Masters courses there is a requirement that an applicant should be completed at least 4 years of Bachelor or minimum 210 ECTS. But the most annoying thing is, for ECTS there is no official document or indication that someone can manifest that he or she had done above or below 210 ECTS. This problem appears for them those have completed their Bachelor study outside of Europe.

– Usually German universities consider those have done their Bachelor from Bangladesh has 180 ECTS. Most of the German university cover that 30 ECTS either doing some courses from their Bachelor program or doing an addition internship (Apart from Masters program). I have faced same problem that my university said I have less than 210 ECTS. As in our country different university follows different system for everything so by Googling I have found some issues that are analogous with ECTS with Credit Hour. So I discussed with examination office (Masters Study) about that references. They come to a point that if I can give the below estimation during my Bachelor study they can calculate actual ECTS points:

For instance, a course:

  • Lectures per week (How many hours)
  • Per week exercises (How many hours)
  • Attendance (During whole course)
  • Self-study time (For a course)
  • Test Preparation (For a course)
  • Examination time (For a course)

The student receives ___ Credit Hour for a course!

– So, this is the calculation that can be used to convert credit hours to ECTS. It’s actually worked for me. This calculation should be authorized by your University (where you have done your Bachelor). So for converting Credit hour to ECTS you must contact with your department (Bachelor) and ask to issue an official letter that stated upward calculation for your Bachelor program.

– Using this calculation I have exempt from doing additional 30 credits. When my dept. (Bachelor) issued that latter to me it was above 210 ECTS. So If someone can have this calculation then your university (Master program) can calculate actually how many ECTS you have covered during your Bachelor study.

Best of luck!

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By Reduan Tonmoy

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  1. Do u have still the soft copy of that official authorization letter? it would be easy for us to convince our university if we can just show them the format?

  2. Should i sent my documents to ZAB and get the ECTS report or University can take decision whether my documents cover required ECTS.
    pls reply…

  3. Corrected***
    Should i send my documents to ZAB and get the ECTS report or University can take decision whether my documents cover required ECTS. I am interested in Master’s program.
    pls reply…

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