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Yousuf Dinar
MSc in Computational Mechanics
Technical University of Munich

I see many of us, are nowadays focusing into publication i.e. Journal and Conference. Well, i have publications too. I would like to add some points about it. The foreign universities like to check the impact of the publication authority. ACI and an indian journal will not carry same impact, right? You may publish a item in national conference but you have to know that it does not carry that much impact as we do not have journal identification number. One publication is enough to write something in CV, if it is worthy. So dont run for quantity but look for quality. Do not waste your research findings in a crap publication. Now lets give some lights on the inter university conferences. They are not actually conferences. It will not support you to publish in a journal like IEB, BUET, CUET. It is like a speech you have made somewhere. It is more likely extra curriculum and does not carry that much effect on your career.

seminar presentation
seminar presentation

So mark these points. They are from our experiences.

1. Publish journals from impact journal publications. i.e. ACI, Elsevier, springer or attend international conferences but do not forget to check the Committee/ board of directors. They bring changes in your career.
2. Publish papers from 1 or 2 national conferences. They are like something on your CV.
3. Inter university conferences are like speech so it is not a publication or conference.
4. There are tons of fake journal in online so beware from them. If you write a crap and pay them, they will publish that too.


Finally, if you want to study abroad then your main focus should be IELTS/ TOEFL, GRE, preparing SOP, managing LOR if your application deadline is just 4 months ahead. In Germany, the qualities from under developed countries are handled in similar way. If you have programming skills, work experiences in a company that means something for them. If you are deternmined to settle in Germany, take German lectures. It will be something which you will carry all the time as skill weapon. So dont be optimistic be a strategic person also.


By Yousuf Dinar

পড়ছি Technische Universität München - TUM এ। থাকি মিউনিখ, জার্মানিতে।

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