Finally, after a lot of research on my Course, the place I want to live, accommodation search, finally, it was 16th February, my Visa Interview day.

My visa Interview time was 9.30AM and as I was a super punctual boy, went to Embassy at Sharp 9AM. I knocked at the door, he checked my Passport and I went inside. After security checking, I went to the sitting room. Before entering the Sitting Room, a lady guard informed me that I have to keep my papers ready according to the instruction provide.

The Papers that we have to arrange for the interview is as following:

Passport (with a picture Inside)

2 Completed Visa Forms (including 2 Pictures)

Admission Letter (Original+2 Copies)

Blocked Account Confirmation (Original+2 Copies)

Insurance (Original+2 Copies)

Academic Documents (Original+2 Copies)

IELTS (Original+2 Copies)

Photocopy of Passport (2 Copies)

Please note that,

  • Picture size must be according to Embassy Rule
  • If you have old passport, bring it with the new one as its mendatory
  • For blocked account, I showed both PDF sent from Deutsche Bank and a confirmation from my Bank, but Visa Officer only took my PDF sent from Deutsche Bank
  • Insurance (I did it for 90 days although the Insurance Personnel almost forced me to take 15 days extra but I did not)
  • Academic Files (I provided all Certificate and Mark sheet, SSC and HSC Admit and registration Card but Visa Office only took my BBA and MBA Certificate and transcript and returned me other documents)
  • please not that do not Attest any of the photocopy. I attested my BBA and MBA documents but they did not allow it and I had to go out and do the photocopy again.
  • Photo copy of Passport is not mentioned in the check list but you have to submit that.
  • He did not asked a single word about my accommodation

I went at Embassy at 9AM but my Interview call was at 11:45AM. I went inside Counter number 1. Basically, the interview was different that I expected as he was checking my documents and asking question that is already written. For example, he asked me my University name, SSC and HSC passing year and result, BBA and MBA University name and so on which were already written on my papers. Apart from that, he asked me 3 more questions that I would like to mention:

  1. You have already done your masters, why you want to do your second masters?
  2. What will you do after Masters? Will you do PhD?
  3. What will you do if you don’t get any job after returning to Bangladesh.

My answers were:

  1. I want to be a professor at any reputed University in Bangladesh and in our country, we can not get a job at university unless we have a foreign degree. Moreover, the quality of education in Germany is better, more advanced that will help me to nurture my knowledge to a great extent.
  2. After my Master’s I would like to return to my home country and apply to some prominent universities. As my CGPA is high, I am hopeful that I will get that opportunity.
  3. As My CGPA is good and I have almost 5 years professional experience, I am sure of getting a job after I return.

After this, he gave me receipt (Visa Fee is 5200 and bank Charge is 345, no evaluation charge – 20K is applicable here) and told me to return the slip once I am done with payment. After Payment, I returned him the Receipt and he told me that I will be notified within next 30 days.

That was my experience. I am not sure that I will get the visa or not from their expression but as all my documents are authentic, my admission letter is real and I have blocked 8090 Euros, I am Sure, In Sha Alllah, my Visa will be granted.

1 last advice to all, take all the relevant papers that you think you might be needed because its good to have excess documents rather that a document missing. All the best and wish you a good life.


Al Wasir Islam


By Tanvir Jack

আমি ওয়াসির। পড়ছি/পড়ব জার্মান কোন একটি বিশ্ববিদ্যালয়ে। :)

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